Expo Milano 2015 starring the Countries from all over the world who have been invited to interpret the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Food, a vital part of daily life for the entire world’s population and capable of uniting people of different cultures and religions, also brings with it profound concerns. Each Country, coming from their own culture and traditions, is called to question and offer solutions to the major challenges related to the future of food. Participating Countries express the meaning and content of their presence at Expo Milano 2015 through a themed concept and have the opportunity to choose between two modes of participation: by building their own exhibition space (Self-Built Pavilions) or by choosing their own space inside one of the nine Thematic Clusters.
The Exposition Site of Expo Milano 2015 is thus transformed into a mosaic of countries committed to creating awareness amongst the visitors around a theme that is crucial for future generations, making them part of a global project never seen before. 184 unique and unrepeatable days of culture and science, innovation and tradition, sustainability and solidarity in which you can find over a hundred national cuisines each with their own tastes, scents and colors.
On this page you can see a preview of those Countries which have joined Expo Milano 2015 and have already developed their theme of participation.

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