Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

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Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life
Having selected Milan as the city to host the Universal Exposition, Italy also chose Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life as its central theme. Expo Milano 2015 will talk about the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet. The idea is to open up a dialogue between international players to exchange views on these major challenges which are relevant to everyone.
Is it possible to guarantee water and food for the entire world population? Is it possible to increase food security? Is it possible to have new solutions that take into account the planet’s biodiversity? The aim is not to provide only one-way solutions but to pose questions and offer visitors the tools for finding their own answers. This dialogue between visitors and participants will take place on a daily basis through events, shows, conferences and meetings that explore the themes of Expo Milano 2015.
Every aspect of Expo Milano 2015 revolves around the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life theme: from its exhibition site to its sub-themes, from its Clusters, to its participants and their architecture. The main purpose of this Universal Exposition is to stimulate major debate on nutrition and food, comparing all aspects of the theme. The final outcome of the discussion is that visitors and participants engage in questions on how our actions today will impact the next generation.
The setting for Expo Milano 2015
The whole event area is in complete harmony with nature. The architecture of each element within the Exhibition Site is in keeping with the main theme.


The theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is also present in the Expo Sub-themes, providing visitors with a clear sense of continuity among the many scientific, cultural and recreational exhibitions.
The Clusters play an important role at the event, offering an innovative way for countries without their own pavilion, to participate in the exhibition in a shared theme. Every country has its own, individual space for presenting its particular characteristics along with a public area which is shared with other countries. This public area is the most innovative part of the exhibition, offering refreshments, commercial activities, events and exhibitions, all brought together in a highly original way. 
The importance of territory
Food and national cultures are the two key features of Expo Milano 2015. From every part of the world are brought the artistic and literary styles of a multitude of countries, each making this Exposition a gathering place for their many stories and myths.
Six months of events
Expo Milano 2015 will be a huge sensorial experience made up of many food tastings and a myriad of events. From all over the world, entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, chefs and artists will gather to take part in an extraordinary and unique exposition, packed with shows, events, congresses and meetings.
An opportunity for companies
Expo Milano 2015 places great value on all those businesses wishing to invest in food products that are healthy and have a guaranteed level of quality. How? By offering partner companies the unique opportunity of increasing their visibility and promoting their products to the public.
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