On this page you can view the complete list of the competitive tenders in progress, both traditional, managed using paper documentation only, and online, for works, supplies and services. To view the details of each tender and have access to all related materials, please click on the dedicated link; online tenders refer to the Sintel online platform used by Expo2015 S.p.A. since 2010.
The competitive tenders are distinguished by amount, less or more than the EU threshold, but also by type, Public Works, Supplies or Services.

EU threshold in force

With the EU regulation of December 13, 2013 (OJEC 14/12/2013 n. L335/17), the European Commission has approved and updated the thresholds concerning procedures for the awards of contract, modifying Directives 2004/17/EC, 2004/18/EC and 2009/81/EC.
From January 1, 2014 the following thresholds will be in force (prior to December 31, 2013 the thresholds were: €5,000,000 for public works contracts and €200,000 for supply and servicecontracts):
  • For public works contracts: €5,186,000
  • For supply and service contracts: €207,000

 See open competitive tenders

Public Notice regarding the compilation of a list of officials for contracting authorities, of professionals enrolled at least ten years in relevant professional bodies and of university professors, appointed as external commissioners for tenders issued by Expo 2015 S.p.A. pursuant to Art. 84, paragraph 8 of Legislative Decree no. N.163/2006.