Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem


Malaysia’s pavilion had the theme, “Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem”. The theme highlighted Malaysia’s transformation agenda of sustainability and inclusiveness by focusing on various efforts undertaken under the Economic Transformation Programme’s National Key Economic Areas, especially the agriculture, palm oil and rubber sectors, tourism and business services. One important theme was the dynamics between economic advancement and the preservation of the environment; and between biodiversity and commercial agriculture.

The pavilion spread over 2,047 square metres, took the shape of four seeds. The curves of the design and the weaving patterns on the structure reflected the versatility and dynamism of the nation. The Malaysia Pavilion design drew inspiration from the humble rainforest seed. The seed, a symbol of growth, signified a beginning of a journey, and the potential within.
This seed was a metaphor for Malaysia’s own economic transformation from one based primarily on commodities and agriculture through export-oriented industrialization. It is also one driven by higher value-added industries and services.

The architectural design incorporated green and sustainable features in line with the sustainability theme of the Expo. The external structure of the seeds were constructed with “Glulam” or glued laminated timber, an innovative structural timber made of local sustainable material. The choice of Glulam, combined with the structurally complex form of the pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 was a deliberate effort to showcase Malaysia’s capabilities in both design and innovative materials.

The Malaysia Pavilion reflected Malaysia’s continuous journey to develop and mature into a nation that is underpinned by a system that drives the cycle of life, promotes sustainability and responsible utilization and consumption of natural resources.

The seed story
The Rainforest Seeds mark the beginning of the life cycle in the rainforest. Its dispersal by animals, insects, water, wind and rain ensures that this humble seed generates and continues to build a vital eco-system on which millions of people depend.
The Malaysia Pavilion, whose design was inspired by the Rainforest Seeds, provided a taste of the nation’s efforts and achievements.
Like the rainforest itself, which is home to rich biodiversity, the Malaysia Pavilion symbolised Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage, reflected across a canvas of multi-ethnic sights, sounds, tastes and flavours as a tribute to the rich dynamism of the nation

SEED 1: “Our Home – For Now and the Future” (Diversity of Malaysia)
“Our Home” described a country where the balance between sustaining the environment, and the need for progress as well as modernity was placed in the hearts and minds of the visitor from the very beginning.

SEED 2: “Haven of Biodiversity” (Protect and Preserve)
The importance of preserving tropical rainforests and the rich Malaysian biodiversity so as to ensure a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

SEED 3: “Seeds of Change” (Present and Future)
Amplified how the seeds of the Rainforest have changed the economy of this nation, and the livelihood of its people. The future of industries is powered by innovation. Cultivated forests and plantations provide the raw materials via R&D that has significantly powered the world. The world’s consumption is balanced with sustainable efforts on our part.

SEED 4: “Colours of Malaysia” (Music, Arts & Culture)
The “Malaysia Truly Asia” spirit, the fun side of Malaysia experienced through its Food, Music, Culture, and Multi-ethnicity. There were cultural performances, traditional games, arts, live demonstrations, musical shows and education programmes.
Visitors were also be able to savour a selection of Malaysian culinary delights at a dedicated F&B area. This created a memorable end to a beautiful and enlightening journey.



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