A Glass and Wooden House Preserving the Country’s Wealth


A simple structure, but rich in meaning, for a young country with great potential. Romania participated in the Expo Milano 2015 with the theme “In harmony with nature”. And where else do we feel more in harmony than at home? The Pavilion, designed by architects Radu Teacă & Radu Petre Năstase, resembled an old Romanian house built in wood and glass and covered with a thatched roof surrounded by a garden of typical plants.
A modular interior space thanks to video panels
Inside, visitors could discover all the traditions of Romania in a particularly dynamic multifunctional space. In fact, some panels allowed delimiting a smaller inside space in which events, concerts and meetings generally took place. Nevertheless, those were not just simple panels: in fact, they were technological panels on which videos were shown, divided into several sections. For example, it was possible to watch the great natural reserves of Romania that preserve its biodiversity.
Short shows on alternate days
Every month, inside the central space, Romania organized micro-performances and painting exhibitions by Romanian artists and typical handicraft items were on sale, including the famous Easter eggs, a very elaborate decoration on an eggshell obtained using wax and ink.
A restaurant with glass walls
The planted garden on the upper floor, reached through the outside staircase, reproduced all the plant species in Romania. At the center, an enclosed space with glass walls hosted the restaurant, where visitors could taste a shortlist of traditional Romanian recipes (like pasca or the stewed cabbage rolls), accompanied by a selection of wines, of which the country has an ample production.