Czech Republic

Nature, innovation, tourism and art… all in harmony beneath the same roof.


The first thing that greeted visitors on entering the Czech Republic’s Pavilion was a large sculpture, half machine and half bird. The meaning? It’s a symbol of the country’s ability to combine nature with technology. However, the sculpture had a functional purpose too: it also contained various nanotechnology devices which served to purify the water of the fountain beneath it.

The ground floor consisted of a partly open-air zone with refreshment service, a beer bar by a swimming pool, and a theater. The first floor was reached via a flight of stairs, at the base of which visitors were supplied with a Czech Republic ‘passport’, that was a leaflet illustrating the country’s most beautiful features. The exhibition area above opened with The Laboratory of Silence, which recreated the microclimate of a Czech forest. Thanks to multimedia systems connecting microscopes to screens, visitors could explore the characteristics of the forest’s vegetation.

A virtual selfie journey
This was followed by a space called The Land of Stories and Imagination, which were renewed every two weeks, and showed the best tourist attractions of the Czech Republic.
In this room, an interactive table with a touch screen in the form of a map of the country made it possible to access information on single regions, in short texts, photos or video. Thanks to giant landscape photos hung from the ceiling, visitors could take selfies with the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic in the background, as though they had really been to the country.
The floor above houses an art exhibition, preceded on the stairs by a Maxim Velosky installation consisting of suspended strands of glass fiber. On the one hand these fibers represented digital technology, and on the other they indirectly evoked elements in nature, like reeds or grain moved by the wind. The exhibition space, named The Laboratory of Life, contained various other installations connected with the theme of technological innovation.
The third floor had a restaurant with a large terrace.

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