A Place filled with the Fun and Conviviality of Dutch Festivals

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The Netherlands Pavilion was open-air. The decision to build this type of structure was dictated mainly by the theme, as the idea was to reproduce a typical Dutch festival. The result was a fun, stimulating and friendly place. “Share, Grow, Live” were the concepts with which the Netherlands answered the theme of Expo Milano 2015 and presented the richness of its territory and the technological progress. With the concept of “sharing” the country was expressing that the solutions to global challenges require international collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and resources by everyone. The concept of “growth” was expressed through the richness of the territory of Netherlands, from which the technological, economic and social development of the Country is derived. While “live” was demonstrated by the number of people looking for a higher and higher quality of life.

A perfect festive and sharing atmosphere
The pavilion consisted of a series of food trucks, where it was possible to taste the typical Dutch products. The first was for pancakes or poffertjes followed by the one in which the traditional potato chips, Dutch fries, and meatballs, also fried, were made; all immersed in a festive atmosphere, with the lights and musicians playing on the Pavilion stage reflecting perfectly the soul of the typical Dutch festivals. At this point, visitors were invited to discover the contents of the first tent, the most important one, in which the aspects of technological progress in the Dutch agricultural sector were revealed. There was a 3-star hotel for chickens and hens and videogames, to fight the boredom and hostile behavior of pigs, which are a positive expression of the protection of the health of the animals used to produce food. For Holland, innovation, new food sources and technological development are the heart of growth and strategies for the future.

The mirror maze: learning and having fun
A second square with the food trucks welcomed visitors with scents and dishes to enjoy. Here you could find the worstenbrood truck, the typical bread and sausage of the town in which Vincent Van Gogh was born, and that of ABC, the alternative collective burger, in which the algae burger was prepared, along with Just Say Cheese, presenting all the famous Dutch cheeses. A second tent explained all the technologies promoted by Holland to support agricultural practices and food production that was, this time in the form of a carousel with  a mirror maze that reflects, the keywords of sustainable development.

A drink to talk about circular economy
The Molina, a Ferris wheel converted into a restaurant, was the heart of fun and awareness at the Holland Pavilion. To explain the circular economy through fun and entertainment, the Netherlands Pavilion proposed the consumption of food and drink while the Ferris wheel turns. Continuing on their tour, visitors could purchase water with the Join the pipe system, so when buying a bottle a second one was sent to poor schools in Africa. The visit ended with the shop selling the typical Dutch products, including various types of cheese and caramel waffles, a terrace and De Kas, the restaurant with the characteristic greenhouse shape.



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