A Wheat Field Blowing in the Wind Reminds us That We are Part of the Planet


The pleasant undulating path surrounded by flowers was reminiscent of the streets of old Beijing and led the visitors to the entrance of the China Pavilion, introducing the four important sections into which the exhibition space was divided – sky, man, earth and harmony – representing the close relationship between the Chinese people and nature.


From sky to man, from man to the Planet
Visitors were welcomed in the first area of ​​the Pavilion, “Sky”, with the sounds of the four seasons in the background. On the ground, there were the 24 phases of the Chinese lunar calendar that regulate agriculture, above which installations of dozens of traditional umbrellas were placed making the ambience more striking. The “Man” section, the largest one, showed the excellences of a dozen of Chinese provinces that stand out for silkworm breeding, for the production of mulberries or for the terraced fields for the cultivation of rice, the cereal that is the primary food of the Country’s population.
A table, in the exhibition space, showed the processing phases of tofu with thirty different preparations and a corner in which the virtues of the precious Chinese tea were celebrated. On a wall, ten of thirty-processing steps of the Peking duck were illustrated, a dish cooked for the first time in a historic restaurant in Beijing in 1864, while the following stands were dedicated to new technologies related to food, from the internet of things to hybrid rice created by Professor Yuan Longping at the Provincial Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Fujian in 1981, who is now eighty years old and has contributed greatly to defeating hunger in the country.

China, land of hope and harmony
After the first room, visitors accessed the “Land” section, a large area covered by 20,000 led lights designed, to reproduce the most beautiful Chinese landscapes when lit and to represent the love for nature and an invitation to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The visit to the Pavilion ended with the theatre, where visitors could watch the short entitled “Union”, the story of a Chinese family that meets up to celebrate Chinese New Year together, celebrating the value of the family as a fundamental core element of society. At the end of the film, a traditional dance corps performed in a typical dance of the Hani ethnic minority. At the rear of the building, visitors could taste many of the most famous Chinese special dishes in the restaurant of the Pavilion.


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