Full Immersion in the Agricultural Resources of the Country which… Feeds You


The visitor’s itinerary – most of it taking place on the first floor – centered on spectacular projections, taking up whole walls as they illustrated the landscape and history of Argentina, creating a sensation of “imaginary travel”.

A land of vast spaces, historically linked to Italy through its volume of Italian immigrants a century ago, Argentina presented itself with a Pavilion made up of a cluster of interconnected silos which also evoked a system of metal gear machinery. The statement made by this shape was that Argentina was not only a vast nation rich in agricultural resources, but also a modern nation capable of using technology to transform its resources into value added products.

Starting with the refreshments area
The country’s theme was “Argentina feeds you”, referring to its extraordinary wealth of natural resources, displayed to visitors from the beginning on a conveyor belt hanging from the ceiling, on which lavished projections of food products can be seen.
The ground floor immediately offered two refreshment points: the first focused more on wine and oil, the second was devoted to Argentina’s most famous specialty: meat. The areas devoted to wine-growing were illustrated on three interactive screens.
On the other side of the tables and chairs, a small space offered guests live music and dance performances. Beyond this, an open-air fountain had a cooling and soothing effect.

Projections on the upper floor
The main exhibition area was upstairs, reached by a two-lane stairway for ascending and descending. Here the visitor was literally surrounded by huge projections portraying Argentina’s history and its agriculture. Projections the full length and height of the large space, whose wall surface was gently rippled in order to increase the sensation of being immersed in the images, a feeling reinforced by the ultra-realistic all-around sound effects…of waves, winds, harvesting, etc.
The space was completed by installations in the center of the room, with wooden silhouettes representing key figures in the country’s history and rolls of historic photographs.
The intensely suggestive cycle of projections with its powerful soundtrack, lasted roughly ten minutes… and then started again.

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