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1st May 2015
31st October 2015
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cerimonia chiusura notturna
 31 Oct

Towards Expo 2020 Dubai: “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”

Expo Milano 2015 passes the baton to the next Universa; Exhibition to be held in Dubai in 2020, from October 20 to April 10 2021. "Linking Minds. Create the Future ": The discussion on the future of food will go to the one on sustainability, opportunity and mobility.

  • Albero Vita Onu grande sommario

    Lake Arena and the Tree of Life

    A huge pool of water in front of Palazzo Italia, it was the largest open space dedicated to visitors. In the center stands the Tree of Life, with its system of fountains which offered exciting shows to the sounds of the suite composed by Roberto Cacciapaglia.

  • Padiglione Italia breve

    Italian Pavilion

    The Italian Pavilion showcased the excellence of Italy: its culture and traditions related to food and nutrition, characterized by the high quality of raw materials and finished products.

  • Cascina Triulza

    Cascina Triulza, a historic rural farmhouse already present inside the Exhibition Site was restored for the occasion and hosted the Civil Society Pavilion, comprised of numerous national and international organizations.

  • Cardo e Decumano breve

    Cardo and Decumano

    These are the the two main routes along which the structure of the Expo Site was developed. The Decumano hosted the Pavilions of the Participating Countries on both sides, while the Cardo proudly hosted the exhibitors hailing from the host country, Italy.

Le opere d’arte di tutto il mondo esposte a Expo Milano 2015 OK

Art at Expo Milano 2015

Art is a common language for describing a country's identity. Artwork from around the World Exhibited at Expo Milano 2015.

The Expo Milano 2015 Ingredients


The Theme

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Expo Milano 2015 offers an opportunity to reflect upon, and discuss, solutions to the contradictions of our world today. Debating the theme is also a time of sharing and celebration, with speaker meetings, events, and shows.



The heart and soul of the Universal Exposition

Find out what’s happening daily in the pavilions of countries and companies, as well as the Civil Society initiatives being showcased in Cascina Triulza, in addition to those of the international organizations participating at Expo Milano 2015. Attractions, events, and the world’s cuisine, all in one place.



The power of working together

An innovative way to participate, these exhibition spaces, called Clusters, unite, within the same architectural space, countries that share the production of a specific food or a specific theme.

Aree tematiche

Thematic Areas

Five variations on the theme

The theme of the event will be explored in Pavilion Zero, the Future Food District, the Children’s Park, and the Biodiversity Park. Meanwhile, the debate goes on in downtown Milan at the Triennale, with Arts and Foods, the exhibition that explores how the relationship between food and art has evolved over time.

Expo and regions

25 taste and culture itineraries

Expo and regions is an initiative coordinated by the President of the Council of Ministers. It is a journey to discover the places of production, the culture and landscape, traditions and Italian hospitality.

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Official Global Partners

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