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Venezuela dettaglio

Theme "Venezuela feeds its People's awareness"
The Concept
The participation of Venezuela in Expo Milano 2015 focuses on nutrition that goes beyond being just a biological necessity but also as a human right and a social achievement. The participation of the South American country at the Universal Exposition offers visitors a fascinating experience, providing them with  an insightful and global vision of the progress Venezuela has made in the food industry and that is in line with the Millennium Development Goals. The country has set a number of goals with its participation in  Expo Milano: display the culinary traditions of  its eight geographic regions; present processes for planting rice, corn, oats, cassava, sweet potatoes and cocoyams; share their dining culture;  highlight achievements in the fields of nutrition and food security that have been internationally recognized, with particular emphasis on the recognition from FAO for having achieved the " Zero Hunger Challenge " goal; present the results achieved in Venezuela in eradicating extreme poverty;  and finally to show how the country’s agricultural model has been adapted to more sustainable systems.
The exhibition space will feature characteristic elements of Venezuelan agriculture that are ingrained in their national culture. The space offers visitors the opportunity to taste Venezuelan products of the highest quality, from coffee to chocolate made with the best cocoa in the world and the lightness of its rum. The interior design focuses on the use of organic materials such as wood and fabrics. The country’s selected   themes will be presented using holographic technology, putting a special emphasis on the customs, traditions and biodiversity of Venezuela. The scheduled events are designed to be cordial and welcoming, reflecting Venezuelan warmth and hospitality. Numerous cultural events, such as conferences, concerts and exhibitions are scheduled.


Venezuela feeds its People's awareness


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