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Non-Onerous Grants - Criteria
As of October 31st, Expo Milano 2015 will not grant any further patronages.
Non-Onerous Grants was an important sign of recognition, allowing a Company to participate in specific initiatives. In particular, Expo Milano 2015 offered these "non-onerous grants" always on a discretionary basis to high-profile initiatives of a cultural, scientific and/or humanitarian nature, that are relevant to the founding values ​​of the BIE (peace, tolerance, dialogue, etc.) and to the themes and objectives of Expo Milano 2015 as:
  • Sustainability in the planet’s food production supply chain
  • Best practices and innovations in the field of nutrition, health, wellness, sustainability and technology
  • Involvement of countries with institutions, official delegations and Heads of State
  • Intelligent and low emission transport systems
  • Sustainable and innovative systems and building materials
  • The relationship between energy and the environment – the implementation of sustainable and innovative solutions
  • Tourism and culture – promoting lifestyles through education and all the variations of local food and environmental heritage
  • Quality of life and sport – promoting territorial and urban development with care for the elderly, the disabled, children and the sick; promotion of sporting values ​​as part of the theme.
Expo Milano 2015 did not make grants to for-profit initiatives with commercial or business activities or to initiatives that are clearly at odds with its institutional aims.
Particular attention has been given to projects that deliver high performance environmental results.
N.B.: The non-onerous grant is NOT been given to the requesting Organization but to the individual
projects that meet the above criteria.

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