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Guided Tours

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Expo Milano 2015 caters to the widest audience, from families to young people to companies. One day is certainly not enough to visit the entire Exhibition Site, which extends across a surface area of more than one million square meters. However, with the help of an expert guide, it’s possible to improve the experience of your visit by learning new things about the exhibition spaces, the history of the event, the thematic areas and the architectural structures housing participants from all over the world. Guided tours, dedicated to private, corporate groups and institutional delegations, both Italian and non-Italian, are the best way to get the most out of the time that you have available. There are two ways to take a guided tour of the Exhibition Site at Expo Milano 2015.
Explora offers guided tours and itineraries inside the Exhibition Site for both groups and individuals. The tours, accompanied by expert guides, will lead visitors through the Clusters and Pavilion Zero and into the common areas as well as giving information and suggestions about what to do and see in the different pavilions.
Wonderful Expo 2015 includes:
  • Guided Walking Tour through the Cardo and the Decumano and one or more Clusters (Cocoa and Chocolate, Coffee, Fruits and Legumes, Rice, Spices, Cereals and Tubers, Bio-Mediterraneum, Arid Zones, Islands, Sea and Food)
  • Visit to one or more Thematic Areas (Pavilion Zero, Biodiversity Park, Future Food District). Learn more
Here are the types of guided tours and their respective fees including 22 percent VAT:

Customized tours
Customized tours are designed for groups of a maximum of 30 people and can be tailor-made with tours to fit the customer. Perfect for groups, companies or families that want a guide at their disposal who will accompany them through the Expo Milano 2015 pavilions according to their needs and preferences. Customized tours can be reserved by contacting Explora directly via mail.
The tours are maximum 3 hours and cost 366 euro.
Professional Qualified Tour Guides
Lists of Italian tour guides can be found at the institutional websites of the respective provinces or regions. 

Note for Guided Tours (excluding those by Explora)

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Tour guides who wish to apply to Expo Milano 2015 for permission to provide their services on the Exhibition Site must fill out a form with the dates for which authorization is sought and pay a daily fee of 50 euro (VAT included). We wish to point out that the bank transfer and the authorization request can also be performed by third parties in the name and on behalf of the guide. Below you can download the complete rules in order to carry out your activities within the Expo Site, leading your own groups and guiding them during the visit, and the method of payment for the fee, with a link to the form to fill in to register as a Licensed Guide.
Guided tours at the Milan Triennale for the exhibition "Arts & Foods - Rituals since 1851"

Expo Milano 2015 ticket-holders have the chance to visit the exhibition "Arts & Foods - Rituals since 1851" for free, the Thematic Area of ​​Expo Milano 2015 that illustrates the connection between art and food throughout history. The large exhibition is displayed across both the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Triennale, over an area of ​​about 7,000 square meters. To allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the expansive show, Milan’s Triennale is offering guided tours. The tours last for 90 minutes and are available for schools, groups or individuals. The entrance fee to the exhibition is included in the cost of the tour.

Guided tours for groups
Guided tours for schools, in Italian: 97.00 Euro
Guided tours for schools, in another language: 117.00 Euro
Guided tours for groups, in Italian: 137.00 Euro
Guided tours for groups, in another language: 157.00 Euro

Guided tours for individuals
Guided tours for individual visitors are held every Saturday at 17:30 in English and every Sunday at 11:00 in Italian.
For Expo Milano 2015 ticket-holders: 10.00 Euro / 13.00 Euro in English
With the Triennale ticket: 21.00 Euro / 24.00 Euro in English

For further information and to register visit:

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