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Your financial statements show that the Company has made a loss. Why is that?

Expo 2015 SpA is a special purpose entity, established for the specific aim of creating, organizing and managing the "Expo 2015". Before 2015, the Company had to make large investments to cover a huge variety of sectors and activities, from the development of the concept to the design of areas
and themed paths, to the creation and organization of initiatives to involve the largest possible number of participants (countries and partners) and attract millions of visitors, and lastly, to the construction of infrastructure related to the usability of the Expo Site. The nature of the Company and the operating procedures of its model are such that the return on investment will be achieved progressively over the next few years. A full assessment will only be possible at the end of the event.

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Is your commitment to Transparency at Expo limited to this section or is it part of a more comprehensive and concrete aim?

Transparency is a value of Expo 2015 SpA and therefore represents our total commitment to fostering an open relationship with citizens, businesses, institutions and the international community.

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I read that Expo 2015 is offering 800 new job opportunities (apprenticeships, internships and temporary contracts). How can I submit my application?

The opportunities publicized by the Italian press refer to the period 2014-2015. Most of these opportunities will be concentrated between the end of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. For more information, check the box "Project Jobs Expo 2015" on the page "List of Research in progress" in our Careers section. In this section there are also job openings that the Company continues to offer to increase its workforce in proportion to projects as they unfold. To apply, simply register on the portal and apply for the specific position of interest, following the online instructions.

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What is the purpose of the online platform?

The online platform is a highly valuable instrument of Expo 2015 SpA that ensures maximum transparency in our tendering procedures, both for managing the List of Contractors and for managing online procurement procedures. This tool, in fact, allows the Company to be able to choose a number of suppliers from a single database and give immediate visibility of our needs.

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What is meant by Personnel Policies?

By Personnel Policies, Expo 2015 SpA refers to the Company’s adherence to all regulations concerning the respect and protection of its employees, standards of excellence in the workplace, transparency in the selection process of personnel and strict policies for evaluating results.

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Is it obligatory to sign a legal memorandum at such high profile events?

Legal memorandum are contractual by nature. In the case of Expo 2015 SpA, guidelines are set out by the Coordinating Committee for Advanced Supervision of Large-scale Works that determine the contents of the legal memorandum. Such guidelines indicate that it is appropriate to sign a legal memorandum, and specify the principles and elements that make up an effective set of rules to be observed, even when there may be legal exceptions.

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On your website the losses are explained as losses due to investments required to realize the Expo. But if that is the case, isn’t 31 million euro rather low? Does it mean that you are late with the work of the Expo Site?

In 2012, the Company made ​​significant investments. The 31 million euro relates to 2012 and should be read together with the costs incurred in the financial statements of the years 2010 and 2011 (17.5 and 17.8 million, respectively). Therefore, the total commitment in terms of investments amounted to 66.3 million euro. Finally, it is important to remember that many of the investments in infrastructure and in the exhibition site are not included in the 2012 budget which, as per our Business Plan, were foreseen for the period 2013-2015.

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How will selection be managed?

The selection process will be based on compliance with the principles of publicity, transparency and clear comparison, as is already the case. So we foresee one or more announcements of job openings that will be managed directly by Expo 2015 SpA or by a partner identified for the management of the selection procedures. As a rule, there is an interview, supported by written and/or verbal tests.

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If Expo 2015 SpA is a public company, is it subject to public company law?

Expo 2015 SpA is in fact a private company and therefore operates and is governed according to the norms of private law. However, given that it is wholly owned by public companies – namely,  the Government of the Italian Republic – the Ministry of Economy and Finance; the Region of Lombardy; the City of Milan; the Province of Milan; The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture - the Company is subject to the rules of public law regarding loans to third parties for works, services and supplies.

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Who does the legal memorandum apply to?

The Protocol applies to all contractors and subcontractors involved, for whatever reason, in the execution of Milan Expo 2015 works.

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How soon can I expect an answer?

Timing will all depend on the number of applications we receive and approval times of the Board of  Directors. However, they will be somewhat compressed, given the impending arrival of the event.

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Are you required to publish a section "Transparent Administration"?

As a company that is wholly owned by public entities, Expo 2015 SpA is subject to the provisions
of Art.1, paragraphs 15 to 33, of Law no.190/2012, concerning the transparency of administrative
action, strictly in its activity of public interest governed by national or EU law.

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