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@AskExpo Policy

Milano and Expo give you a warm welcome
@AskExpo is Expo Milano 2015’s social info-point, the customer service account created through an exclusive partnership with Twitter, for the very first time in occasion of a World’s Fair. Its mission is to welcome whoever visits Milan for Expo Milano 2015, answering their questions with useful information and practical solutions to visit the exhibition, discover the city and live the best possible experience.

Pleased to meet you
Valentina, Fabio, Lorena, Ilaria, Silvia and Elisabetta: we are @AskExpo’s team and until the 31st of October we will be side by side with the Milanese and all the Expo Milano 2015 visitors. We answer in real-time 7 days out 7.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

We Tweet for you
@AskExpo wants to help everyone find the answers to questions of service on Expo Milano 2015: how to reach the exhibition, how to orientate around the Exposition Site and learn about the visitor dedicated facilities; how to move around Milan, discover interesting places and receive information on tourist and public services.

Everyone at Expo Milano 2015
We help you select the best ticket for your needs. We tell you where you can find the authorized re-sellers and, if you buy online, whom you can ask for assistance. We remind you of events scheduled at Expo Milano 2015. We also guide you through Expo in Città’s cultural and tourist appointments, programmed in many locations of Milan, during and after the exhibition.

Milan, here we are
We are ready to recommend the quickest and easiest transport solutions to reach Milan, move around the city and arrive to the gates of Expo Milano 2015: trains, metro, parking, bike and car sharing. We are by your side during your visit, to help you find the facilities that make your stay comfortable: from ATMs to drugstores, from info-points to law enforcement agencies, from restaurants to attractions and interesting locations.

The city won’t be a mystery
Museums, theatres, historic monuments, parks, works of art, fitness areas and entertainments: we are glad to guide you through the discovery of an international European city, recommending the best ways to find out more on what interests you and giving useful tips on how to reach it.
We don’t know it all, but we promise we do our best
We do our best to give the best possible service to everyone that writes to us. We are ready to answer many questions, but it can happen to not have a precise answer. In these cases, we will be more than happy to direct you to who can help you. You can’t manage to book your ticket online? You have lost your passport? You have taken the wrong subway train? No worries: we will indicate the right people you can turn to. On Twitter, but also on the web, via email and by phone.

You’re on Twitter, be sociable!
Your messages are always welcome. We are glad to read your opinion, gather suggestions and listen to criticisms, always if expressed based on rules of good manner and respect.
We won’t reply to offensive and vulgar Tweets, that incite to violence, contain insults, profanities, threats or attitudes that hinder ones personal dignity, the rights of minorities or minors, principles of freedom and equality, Expo Milano 2015’s identity and that of its employees. Furthermore, we won’t reply to discriminatory and libelous Tweets towards Expo Milano 2015 or other users (present or not in conversations), towards institutions, associations or towards social media managers and moderators.
We will ignore repeatedly published interventions, or contents thought to disturb the conversation or to offend the profile’s managers and moderators.
We will encourage leaving the conversation whomever repeatedly violates these conditions or the ones contained in Twitter’s policy.
In extreme cases, we will reserve the right to use the Block function, to report users and proceed with the necessary measures.

@AskExpo is not...
  • A travel agency: we can’t indicate you where to sleep or eat, neither how to plan your trip. Though, we will suggest some portals to take in consideration when planning dates, travels and accommodations.
  • A storytelling channel: we will not narrate all the events, minute by minute. We prefer to give you all the information needed to reach them and experience them in person.
  • A press office channel: we intervene in conversations if it can help clarify the information given. However, to find out all the news and to receive answers on topics related to Expo Milano 2015’s corporate administration and organization, the public, media operators and journalists can refer to the dedicated channels recommended on:

All data shared by users through private messages sent directly to channel managers will be treated in respect of the Italian Privacy Laws and Regulations.

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