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Tickets type

An Open Date ticket may be used on any day from May 1 to Oct 31, 2015 for a single visit, from 10:00 to 23:00.
We recommend you sign up to MyExpo ahead of time to set the date of your Expo visit, and to check for available events on the day. Remember that once you have set the date for your visit to Expo Milano 2015, your ticket cannot be changed. If you have an Open Ticket and have not set a date, you can turn up on the day and may be admitted, if space is available.
Choose the date on which you want to attend Expo Milano 2015 from our online calendar. Your ticket may only be used on that date and is valid from 10:00 to 23:00.
Adult: ages 14 to 64, on date of visit.

Family Packages: as follows: one adult + one child; two adults + one child; one adult + two children; two adults + two children.
If there are more than two children in a family group, just add more Child tickets as required.
Children in the Family Package must be between 4 and 13 years old on the date of the visit.

2 Consecutive Days: For Fixed Date tickets, the first date also determines the second. In the case of Open Date tickets, you can choose the first day of the visit later, the second being the day following.

Carnet (2 or 3 days): This ticket allows multiple-entry, not necessarily on consecutive days. It is not possible to book specific dates on this non-consecutive 2 or 3 day pass: access will be subject to the number of places available on the day of your visit.

Night: entry from 19:00 onwards. 
Season Pass: The Expo Season Pass is nominal, and thus non-transferable, and allows a daily access from the date of activation until October 31, 2015. Click here for more information on how to purchase your Season Pass
Expo Milano 2015 has provided a range of benefits for certain categories of visitors, who will be eligible to purchase a reduced price ticket. 
To take advantage of the discount, the purchase can be made at the Expo Infopoints at Expo Gate ( Piazza Cairoli in Milan), at some Authorised Resellers (reported on the official website of Expo) and at the ticket on the exhibition site as they become available. Visitors who are over 65 years old can purchase a ticket via the official Expo ticketing website.
WARNING: An the time of purchase will be required to submit the documents proving the membership of the type of ticket required. Further checks will be carried out at the gate of the exhibition site of Expo Milano 2015.
Sr. Citizen: Over 65 years old on the date of visit.
Infants: Children under 3 have free admission, but need a ticket. These pre-purchased, zero-cost  tickets must be validated on entry to the Exposition site, as per Expo 2015 SpA’s policy.
A document certifying the age of the child, along with the pre-purchased ticket of the accompanying adult must be presented at the entrance. Free tickets are Fixed Date only. If the accompanying adults have Open Date tickets, these must be converted to a Fixed Date ticket before being presented at the event.
Students: between 14 and 25 years old on date of visit. Official documentation proving student status is required.
Persons with a disability: For persons with a disability and their helpers discounted tickets are available. These tickets may only be purchased in person, since appropriate documentation certifying disability must be provided, as indicated below:
For Italians with disabilities:
• Invalidity certificate, or
• Disabled Veteran ID, or
• EU Disabled Driver Parking Permit, together with an Identity Document.
For citizens with disabilities from  other countries:
• A Disability Card or Certificate, or
• EU Disabled Driver Parking Permit, together with an Identity Document.
The above documents may be sent via email to: for tickets purchased by credit card. The types of credit cards accepted will be indicated at the time of purchase. Payment by PayPal is not accepted. Tickets purchased will be sent via email to the person entitled.
Alternatively you can purchase tickets at Expo Gate (Piazzale Cairoli, downtown Milan), at some Authorised Resellers and soon at the Expo on-site ticket office.
A Season Pass is also available at a reduced price, which allows unlimited entrances from the day of activation up to October 31, 2015, available at Expo Gate (Piazzale Cairoli, Milan) and at the ticket office on the exhibition site. You may also buy it via credit card by writing to: After making the payment you may collect your Season Pass at the ticket office on the exhibition site by presenting the order confirmation that you receive.

PLEASE NOTE: The service will be active until October 20. After that date it will only be possible to buy tickets at Expo Gate, at some Authorised Resellers and at the ticket office on the Exhibition Site.
For visitors with a disability, whether Italian or otherwise, who require  constant personal assistance for either mobility, personal care, or safety reasons, a helper ticket will be provided free of charge. The person with the disability must provide documentation certifying one of the following:
• 100% disability
• 80% to 100% disability caused by industrial injury (equivalent to 100% disability)
• vision-, hearing- or speech-impairment.

The free ticket for the helper must be issued with the discounted ticket for the person with disabilities
Both tickets, free for helper and reduced-rate for persons with disabilities can be issued as either Open or Fixed Date.
The helper must be over 18, and must be able to provide assistance during the visit (travel, guidance or help in case of evacuation).
At the entrance and inside the exhibition site, Expo Staff may carry out checks at any time on eligibility for tickets. Where relevant, the person with disabilities is required to have a copy of documentation certifying his or her right to have a free ticket for his or her helper.

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