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What are the Thematic areas?

The focus of Expo Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is expressed by means of five Thematic Areas.
Located close to the main entrances and other key points around the Exposition Site and comprising exhibition routes featuring attractive elements designed to delight adults and children alike, these areas provide fascinating insights via a host of multi-sensorial and educational experiences.
Pavilion Zero  – Located at the entrance of Expo Milano 2015 and curated by Davide Rampello, Pavilion Zero is the visitors’ first stop. Here they are able to explore the history of food and the major issues impacting the future of our planet.
Future Food District  – In this pavilion curated by Carlo Ratti of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, visitors have the opportunity to observe future food chain scenarios by observing the technology used for the conservation, distribution, purchase, and consumption of food.
Children's Park  – Curated by Sabrina Cantarelli in collaboration with Reggio Children, this area is dedicated entirely to children: the food producers and consumers of the future. In this area are numerous child-friendly offerings, including an educational game to help the younger ones explore the complex theme of life and the sustainability of the planet from a variety of points of view.
Biodiversity Park  – This area has been developed by Emilio Genovesi, CEO of Material ConneXion Italia and his team of professionals, supported by the University of Milan Department of Agriculture. The Biodiversity Park features a number of gardens and spaces exploring various approaches to farming.
Art & Food  – Curated by Germano Celant, this area provides a preview of the exhibition entitled Arts & Food, which examines how food and foodstuffs have been portrayed in art since the 1851, the year of the first Universal Exposition. The exhition Arts & Food is being held at the Triennale building in central Milan, and serves to reinforce the link between Expo Milano 2015 and the city itself.

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