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Exhibition Site

Cascina Triulza - Civil Society Pavilion

Cascina Triulza dettaglio
The Cascina Triulza is a typical historical architectural structure of the Lombardy region that has been completely restructured. The Cascina Triulza is an ancient farmhouse which was already standing in that part of the territory where the Exposition Site is built. The farmstead is a symbol of Milan when it was the capital of farming and agriculture. The building has been renovated for Expo Milano 2015 and will be left as a heritage landmark for Milan at the end of the event.
The Cascina Triulza construction covers an area of 7,900 square meters. The Triulza Foundation , a group of national and international organizations selected by competitive tender, manages the farmstead together with Expo Milano 2015. Cascina Triulza houses the Civil Society Pavilion, which shows the contributions made by these organizations in addressing the major problems of humankind. It highlights real experience and good practices on the themes of the Universal Exposition and encourages collaboration among multiple entities who are able to offer proposals for a sustainable future. For this reason, Cascina Triulza represents not only a unique space dedicated to the third sector, but also a place where companies, public institutions and international organizations can showcase and promote their best practices in collaboration with civil society organizations. Within the building visitors can find dining facilities as well as reception services that are available to all, plus a wide assortment of spaces:
  • Exposition Area: This area is where all the companies will set up displays
    that interpret the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, sharing their 
    know-how on cooperation, sustainability, health and nutrition.
  • Events Area: Here, visitors can find an auditorium with 200 seats, an area
    for workshops and laboratories, and an open courtyard of 1,700 square meters
    for educational and recreational activities and cultural, artistic events.
  • Market Area: This area will be reserved for small businesses and small
    productions that sell products or services that respect the environment and
    human rights.
  • Work Area: This area is dedicated to networking between business people
    and companies to promote collaboration between businesses and visitors 
    to the exposition.
In short, the Cascina Triulza represents a truly unique place for all civil society activities.
The UN's presence in the Cascina Triulza
To ensure a sustainable future, gender equality and women’s empowerment must be  enhanced. For this reason the Casina delle Triulza , hosting one of  the 18 UN installations , has been dedicated to women and their pivotal role in agriculture and the crucial part they play in the  fight against hunger and malnutrition. The multimedia content of this installation shows that women, despite producing most of the food from all over the world, often do not have access to productive resources and thus have fewer opportunities. The UN is present with 18 multimedia installations, easily recognizable by their giant blue spoons. These UN Spaces are located in various areas of the site along the itinerary dedicated to the theme “The Zero Hunger Challenge • United for a sustainable world”.

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