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Sicily Tasting Journey - Le Vie del Gusto in Sicilia

Expo e territori Sicilia

The project aims to publicise the excellent food and wine products, landscape and culture of the western part of the island. In particular, certain inland towns have become "showcases" for the excellent local products, hosting incoming activities for international operators and businesses, tasting sessions, B2B meetings between local and foreign firms, entertainment and guided tours to learn about the region's high-quality agricultural food products, cultural assets and natural resources.
Bronte pistachio nuts
DOC wines (Marsala and Salaparuta)
Vastedda cheese of the Belìce Valley
Nocellara Olive of Belìce
Fish products (fresh and conserved)
Expo e territori scheda Sicilia 2
Agrigento - Menfi
Catania - Randazzo
Palermo - Cefalù
Trapani - Alcamo, Castelvetrano, Salemi
Expo e territori scheda Puglia
Expo e territori scheda Puglia 1
Protect area involved in the initiative
Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio
UNESCO World Heritage Site included in the initiative
1. Mount Etna
Some of cultural assets including in the initiative
1. Menfi: Pignatelli Palace, Mother Church, Villa Ravidà, San Giuseppe Church, Church of 2. Purgatory, Iron Age Archaeological Site
3. Bronte: Ducea of Horatio Nelson, Pistachio Gallery
4. Castiglione di Sicilia: Passopisciaro wine cellars and Roman wine vats, Verzella Ethnography Museum
5. Randazzo: Medieval old town, Natural and Archaeological Museum, Collection of Sicilian Puppets, House of Medieval Music and Lute-making, Traditional Vine-growing School
6. Castelbuono: Ventimiglia Castle
7. Cefalù: Medieval and Arab-Norman ruins, Mandralisca Museum
8. Alcamo: ancient town and Castle of the Counts of Modica
9. Calatafimi: Segesta Archaeological Site (Greek temple and theatre and Arab ruins)
10. Castelvetrano: Selinunte Archaeological Site, Mother Church, Duke's Palace
11. Gibellina: the "open-air" town-museum
12. Salemi: ancient medieval town
The project comprises three itineraries:
North-western coast (Cefalù) – Showcase products: fish products (fresh and canned), wine.
Stops along the itinerary: visit of the town of Cefalù and its splendid Medieval and Arab-Norman ruins; visit of the town of Castelbuono, Ventimiglia Castle and Madonie Natural Park.
Alto Belìce Area (Menfi) – Showcase products: wine, fish products (fresh and canned).
Stops along the itinerary: ancient town of Alcamo and Castle of the Counts of Modica; Calatafimi-Segesta archaeological site (Greek temple and theatre Arab ruins); ancient town of Salemi and Gibellina archaeological site; town of Castelvetrano (Mother Church and Duke' Palace); River Belìce Natural Reserve, ancient mills and stone windmills and Selinunte archaeological site; ancient town of Menfi with the Mother Church, Pignatelli Palace and Villa Ravidà.
Etna Area(Randazzo) – Showcase products: Bronte pistachio, wine.
Stops along the itinerary: Linguaglossa; Etna park (with the peak of Europe's highest volcano, a UNESCO World Heritage site); Passopisciaro (with a visit to the wine cellars and Roman wine vats, ancient vinification structures); Randazzo; Bronte (visit to the Ducea of Horatio Nelson and the Pistachio Gallery).
Signa Maris  
Other itineraries to discover the regional territory are proposed by Signa Maris, the project of the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) promoting tourism which brings together the sea and the land. Itineraries where art, nature and culture speak of the sea, as the gateway to their discovery.
The airports serving the areas of interest, particularly Catania and Palermo, provide various means of transport (shuttle buses and coaches, taxis, car hire, combined metropolitan railway/shuttle bus + coach/car).
In addition to these means of transport, Falcone-Borsellino Airport also has an efficient car sharing network.
By boat: special initiatives are being offered by the tourist harbours taking part in Signa Maris.
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