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Exhibition Site

Self-built Pavilions

Padiglioni self-built dettaglio
All participant countries can choose their own exhibition area inside the Expo Milano
2015 Site, where over 150,000 square meters are dedicated to their independent 
expositions. These lots vary in size from 500 to 5,000 square meters and are located 
on the main street, the Decumano, called also World Avenue.
World Avenue, with its skyline of self-built pavilions, represents a street with a
truly contemporary look and feel, featuring futuristic architecture and mirrored glass
buildings, reflecting the colors of the green areas. World Avenue is set to become the
most sought-after exhibition area inside the Expo Milano 2015 Site.

Another element of this striking area is the beautiful scenery and each participant 
must respect the following rules to ensure a unique and ecological experience:
  • The use of sustainable and recyclable materials
  • All the buildings must be temporary and easy to take down at the end of the event
  • Low-impact energy use
  • Particular attention to green and significant elements of the entire site
  • Half of the lot must be an outdoor area

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