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Schools at Expo Milano 2015

scuole in expo dettaglio
The educational visits to the pavilions of Expo Milano 2015 will be the highlight  of the year for classes, providing them with  specially designed itineraries and the perfect opportunity to learn about  issues outside the school walls. These visits enable students   to get in touch with the cultures and the traditions of the over 140 countries participating in the Universal Exposition.

Walking along the Cardo and Decumano - the main axes that cross the area of one million square meters -students can visit the country pavilions, Clusters and thematic areas. School groups will have a unique experience, that is both personalized and engaging, and be stimulated by advanced technologies that Expo Milano 2015 is developing to transform the exhibition space into a Digital Smart City of the future.

School Guidebooks

Are you planning to visit Expo with your class? Download the guidebook, a simple and clear manual that is packed with relevant information and includes a detailed map of the exhibition site for planning your educational visits. Plan your trip to better enjoy the unique and unrepeatable experience of Expo 2015!

Download the guidebook

Map for schools

Consult the map for school itineraries, which are differentiated by levels and suggest particularly interesting ideas for optimizing the organization of the educational visit that are consistent with what has been studied in class.

Link to download the attached map

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