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Schools Visiting Expo Milano 2015: Find Out How To Book Tickets

Are you a school and you want to come on an educational visit to Expo Milano 2015?

The price of an entry ticket per student is € 10.00, which is reserved for groups from Italy or abroad from any kind of school: whether it be kindergarten, primary, junior or senior secondary.
News – Free Tickets
Starting from September, the number of free tickets for teachers accompanying classes visiting Expo Milano 2015 will change as follows: 2 free tickets every 12 students, instead of 1 free ticket every 12 students. This change is related to the "old" reservations to be paid, as well as to the new ones.
School Tickets give the right to the following free tickets:
  • 2 accompanying adult (teacher/educator) for every 12 students.
  • 1 accompanying adult (teacher/educator) for each disabled student.
Any additional accompanying adults (2 for every 12 students) have the right to a discount ticket costing € 10,00.

The online booking of school tickets for visiting Expo Milan 2015 is not available on 30 and 31 October.
You can still buy tickets at ticket offices located nearby the main entrances (Triulza, Fiorenza, Merlata and Roserio). Ticket office opening hours are:
·        Merlata e Roserio: 08:00am – 09:00pm from Monday to Sunday
·        Triulza e Fiorenza: 08:00am – 09:00pm from Monday to Sunday
You need to show a declaration of self-certification on appropriate letterhead, signed by the School Head, that certfies the authorization to buy tickets  and the number of disabled students.
Furthermore, we inform you that on Saturday 31 October the last admission to the exposition site is at 05:00pm. But, the Exposition site will regularly close at midnight.
For information on bookings already made you can phone the Expo 2015 Call Center on +39 02 02015 or send an email to

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