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Volunteers Program

The responsibilities of Expo 2015 S.p.A., the organizer of Expo Milano 2015, include that of involving local residents and ensuring their active participation in the event, not least via volunteer activities.
Individual citizens and voluntary associations are the protagonists of the expo’s Volunteer Program.

The Volunteer Programme for Expo Milano 2015, has the key objective of enabling everyone, Italian or otherwise, to get involved in welcoming and assisting visitors and participants from all over the world, giving a clear and unmistakable message and conveying an image of unity, universality and solidarity, transmitting the values and content of the theme, through information and awareness building.

This is how to become an active part of the Event.
Taking part in one of the biggest events ever held in Italy in the last century is a unique and unrepeatable experience, and can be made even more extraordinary with the help of millions of young, and not-so-young, people who choose to take part.
Choosing to join the Volunteers for Expo Milano 2015 team, you will contribute not only to the success of the event, but will also acquire skills and unique expertise, becoming the ambassador of the Exposition’s message of hospitality and welcome.

Becoming a Volunteer allows you to build something for yourself. You will be able to:
  • Broaden your experience, becoming part of an international, multicultural, and multilingual environment, which cannot but help you grow
  • Build a network of real relationships based on enthusiasm, energy, talent, resourcefulness, willingness, and experience, which will also be valuable to your future
  • Develop new areas of interest through a unique experience that is different from everyday life, discovering skills and talents you have not yet explored

In responding to different needs, and to make sure we give everyone the chance to take part, Expo Milano 2015 has designed its Volunteer Program with a set of different approaches for getting involved. Each of these has specific time-frames, stages, and places available.

Are you are a company and want to offer your products or services at a special rate to Volunteers of Expo 2015?
Discover how to do so by downloading the Pdf and, if you need further details, get in touch with us at
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