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School Project

Progetto Scuola Dettaglio
This educational project is aimed at schools in Italy and elsewhere, and has been developed in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, local universities, research institutes, and the Italian Pavilion at Expo.

At school with Expo
Teachers and students will be placed firmly at the heart of Expo Milano 2015, the event that will ask 140 countries to consider one single issue: food.
And what better place than a school to talk about nutrition, food security and sustainability? For many children and teenagers, food education starts in the classroom.
Two million students, from Italy and elsewhere, will visit the Universal Expo, making this the largest community attending Expo Milano 2015. In store for them is a full program of initiatives and competitions to stimulate ideas and projects on the expo’s theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

At Expo with school
Expo Milano 2015’s School Project focuses on food and the right to healthy, safe, and sufficient food for all.
The children of today are the adults of tomorrow, so we need to engage them, through meaningful experiences, to ensure they become informed and responsible citizens. The goal of the School Project, therefore, is to bequeath knowledge, experiences, along with cultural and technological values to future generations.
The initiative begins in Italy and will also involve schools based overseas by means of a competition. The journey begins with a classroom project and culminates with a visit to Expo Milano 2015, where students will explore the Expo’s themes, in the attractive pavilions set in a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing landscape featuring cutting-edge architecture, offering a real feast for the senses.

Learning via experimenting 
The School Project is divided into four phases:
  • Information in the classroom – before the event, classes will be asked to discuss and develop their interpretation of the Expo themes. The Expo Milano 2015 tutors will support all participating schools, by organizing educational sessions and by creating multi-disciplinary educational courses, for example.
  • Ideas competitions – during the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years, schools have had the opportunity to participate in contests, projects, initiatives and experiments, with students exploring the theme and providing their own ideas and interpretations.
  • Expo Milano 2015 visit – during the six months of the event, students will be rewarded with a study visit to the Expo lasting several days. Group educational visits will follow specific itineraries devised by Expo 2015 SpA.
  • A legacy of contents – after the six-month event, the best works will be shared via a dedicated online platform created by Expo Milano 2015. This will be a two-fold legacy: concrete, in the form of the contents created, and moral, deriving from the practical experience achieved and increased awareness gained.

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