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Milan Center for Food Law and Policy

Milan Center for Food Law and Policy dettaglio
With the permanent Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, Milan aspires to remain a global benchmark for the right to food even after the end of the Universal Exhibition. The institution was founded in February 2014 through a protocol of understanding between Expo Milan 2015 , the Chamber of Commerce of Milan , the City of Milan and the  Lombardy Region and is chaired by Livia Pomodoro.
The activities of the Center focus on the collection, systematization and the comparative study of the legislation on the right to food and in the analysis and comparison of more virtuous public policies in the area of food.
The main topic of debate, addressed and promoted by the Center, is related to the area referred to as food security, that with the recent glimpse of the framework of human rights is stated as the  "right to food" .

The objective of the center is, in fact, to involve the individual nations and international organizations in the debate on recognizing the right to food, which was already provided for in art. 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, and states that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food,” The Milan Center’s study and research is conducted with a view to promoting that the States sign up to a multilateral convention on the right to food. It’s a goal that the Center aims to achieve by making use of the experience of mediation in the multilateral forum gained from Italy that has managed to combine policies and rights in important battles on issues such as of transnational organized crime, the International Criminal Court, the death penalty and  female genital mutilation.
Even as the theme of Expo Milano 2015 " Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life "draws everyone's attention to the need to ensure adequate food, in terms of quantity and quality, for the world population, the FAO has  estimated that there are still close to one billion people suffering from hunger in the world. A fact which is already alarming, but that is likely to open up dramatic scenarios when read in light of the expected increase in population and even more consumption. It’s a situation that creates competition and conflicts over access to food, water and arable land, aggravated by waste and use of raw food for other purposes, such as energy. Institutions, businesses and even individual citizens cannot remain indifferent to this scenario, but should be encouraged to find effective and shared solutions. The Milan Center for Food Law and Policy will facilitate this process, serving as a place of study and open discussion to those who wish to participate in this collaborative path, aimed at creating a real impact for the right to food. The Center is located within the headquarters of the Region of Lombardy, Via Filzi 22.  It is an independent think tank, able to draw evolutionary scenarios in a scientific area that is located between law, food, nutrition, agriculture and the environment, offering to domestic and international politics the ideas and  knowledge of the rights as the basis from which  to develop new and positive guidelines on food.   
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