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Made of Italians

Made of Italians
For Italians residing abroad, and foreign citizens of Italian origin, Italy will no longer be just a memory or an image of a distant place known only through family narratives, thanks to Expo Milano 2015.
To be held between May 1 and October 31, Expo has specially crafted its Made of Italians program for these two groups, the aim being to offer a unique experience of visiting their land of origin, or that of their parents or ancestors, either for the first time, or as return visitors, during a year when a major world event is taking place here. 
There’s no place like home

For Italians living abroad, and the many millions of people worldwide who have their roots in Italy, visiting in 2015 will be an exceptional opportunity to restore contact with their roots, while participating in a unique event: the Universal Exhibition.

Expo Milano 2015 will be an extraordinary event, its theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the Universal Exposition epitomizing the best of Italian tradition: Food as Culture.
Expo Milano 2015 will provide visibility to tradition, creativity, and innovation in the food sector, with the right to healthy, safe and sufficient nutrition for the entire planet being at the core of the debate. Among the official participants there are more than 140 countries, as well as three international organizations: the United Nations, the European Union, and CERN.
Special benefits for Italians worldwide
The Italians of the world can take advantage of promotions and discounts to visit Italy, and plan time to see Expo Milano 2015. The customized services and exclusive experiences offered by the Made in Italian initiative are designed to make this return to their origins an even more exciting experience.

The Benefits of the Program Made of Italians

The Italians of the world who enroll in the program Made of Italians can take advantage of numerous discounts and special rates to organize their trip to Italy and plan a personalized visit during of Expo Milano 2015, enhanced with exclusive services and experiences for an exciting return to their country of origin.

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Don’t lose time or money, make the best of your Italian-expo experience.
Free public transport, free personal driver and benefits for more than 500 services (including 50 museums) in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Pavia, Cremona, Monza and Bergamo. Milan and Italy are in your hands with MilanoCard. Save 20% by purchasing the MilanoCard here and receive a special welcome benefit.
  • 25% discount on admission to Expo Milano 2015...
  • A special welcome to Milan Expo 2015, and the Italian Pavilion
  • The ability to make use of services dedicated to the Expo site such as fast track , tastings and complimentary benefits such as personalized tours
  • Etihad Airways offers travellers to Italy from Asia, Australia and Middle East attractive fares on flights
  • Alitalia will offer special discounts on domestic flights and all the benefits of the program Vivi l’Italia ( Experience Italy)
  • Trenitalia will offer special rates on all domestic routes
  • Special rates for overnight stays in Milan, other cities of Lombardy and in themajor Italian cities , thanks to UNA Hotels, STARHOTELS and more
  • Telecom Italy will offer 30 % more services - voice and mobile navigation -at the same price as the standard offer
  • Illycaffè will provide a discount of 10 % for purchases in the store illyshop of Milan and in the coffee shop inside the Coffee Cluster on the Exhibition Site
  • Intesa Sanpaolo will offer a 50% discount on debit cards personalized with your own photo
  • Reduced admission to selected museums in major Italian cities
  • Special rental rate on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Thanks to Puresport, the italian company leading in driving experiences, you have the chance to sign up with a 20% discount. Participating race tracks: Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Mb)- Autodromo Vairano di Vidigulfo (PV)
Associations of Italians abroad
The promotion of Expo Milano 2015 could not exclude the long-established network of regional associations that maintain contact with the Italians that left their home country, often many, many years ago.
The Italy-based Consulte Regionali dell’Emigrazione (Regional Emigration Councils) have enthusiastically endorsed the project, and are promoting the Universal Exhibition in Milan, via their 3,000+ branch associations worldwide, from Argentina to Japan.
There are more than 4.5 million Italians currently living abroad, with 50 million people being able to claim Italian ancestors. Each of the 20 Regional Emigration Councils will enrich the Made of Italians initiative with their own, customized promotional offerings. These benefits include exclusive discounts on tourist accommodations and reduced-price entry to museums and cultural events.

How to join Made of Italians

Find out how you can visit Expo Milano 2015 taking advantage of the benefits that the program Made of Italians offers the Italians of the world.

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  • To join the Made of Italians program, it is necessary to register in the  dedicated area of the webiste and purchase a ticket for Expo Milano 2015.
  • The purchase of the ticket will activate your pass, which entitles you to pricing and dedicated service benefits offered with  the program Made of Italians.
  • Made of Italians program members will receive an electronic voucher, to be printed and presented  at the Made of Italians welcoming points in Milan, on order to get the special card containing additional discounts for the purchase of products and services throughout the country.

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