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Expo and Regions

Expo e territori dettaglio
Expo and regions is an initiative designed to allow discovery of the excellence of Italian produce up close. It is a journey to discover the places of production, the culture and landscape, traditions and Italian hospitality. It is the story of the ties between each local product and its territory: history, art and lifestyle. It is a catalogue of over 80 local quality products, allowing you to discover the beauty and flavours of the various Italian regions. 
Diagramma per Expo e territori
The initiative is coordinated by the President of the Council of Ministers - Department for Cohesion Policies and performed with the operating support of Invitalia, the national Agency for inward investment promotion and enterprise development. The project involves all the Italian regions, which have devised the territorial offer package, and five ministries: Foreign Affairs; Agriculture, Food and Forestry; Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism; Education, Universities and Research; Environment, Protection of Land and Sea.
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14. Abruzzo - Abruzzo Expo 2015

Pasta, rice, bread and cereals
Meat and farm animals
Fish and fishing
Cured meats
Cheese and dairy products
Vegetables and products of the land
Plants and herbs
Extra virgin olive oil
Other products
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