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E015 Dettaglio
E015 is the outcome of the ICT strategic project for Expo Milano 2015, and is a collaboration between Expo 2015 SpA and the local business community. The latter is represented by Confindustria, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and the Unione del Commercio, with the technical and scientific support of CEFRIEL – Milan Polytechnic.
The E015 Digital Ecosystem project offers all companies, public bodies, organizations, and other public or private associations an extraordinary opportunity to create a system, new relationships and collaborate through Expo Milano 2015.
The project provides an unbeatable opportunity for participants to compare and share expertise and experiences, and collaborate. The idea is to develop innovative solutions not only for visitors and local residents during the event, but also for the future. The goal of E015 is to create legacy not only for Milan, but for Italy as a whole.
E015 is a digital space where, thanks to shared technology standards and common rules, public and private parties, including those operating in the fields of transport, hospitality, tourism, culture and entertainment, can share data and services.

What opportunities does E015 offer?
Participants in this project can contribute to the digital ecosystem by:
  • Offering an “E015 service”, and sharing the contents and functionalities of their own systems with other E015 participants, who can use them for mutual benefit in various ways, such as creating apps.
  • Creating an “E015 application” and enriching their websites, apps or software solutions with contributions from other E015 partners.
What advantages does E015 offer?

These are many, and include being able to:
  • Enrich their own apps with other businesses’ contents for mutual benefit
  • Reduce the time and cost of developing new integrated applications
  • Broadcast valuable content by means of applications developed by others
  • Provide visibility to their own content via the E015 directory, allowing this to be accessed by others interested in developing integrated applications
How to participate in the E015 ecosystem?
Participation in the digital ecosystem is open to everyone. To join, complete the E015 participant agreement. Signatories to the scheme agree to respect the E015 technological standards and ecosystem guidelines, which are available on the website.

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