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Aquae Venezia 2015

Progetto Padiglione Aquae Venezia
Aquae Venezia 2015 is an exhibition and international conference addressing the subject of water. Organized under the patronage of Expo Milano 2015, the event is taking place in Venice.
Sponsored by the exhibition company Expo Venice S.p.a, Aquae Venezia 2015 will be held from May 1 through October 31, 2015 in a new multi-purpose exhibition hall that will, post-Expo, be used to host trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as cultural and sporting events.
The exhibition Aquae Venezia 2015 narrates and bears witness to the best examples of research and business excellence, in addition to the symbolic and concrete values, connected to water.
This will be achieved via an interactive tour of the numerous issues related to water and agriculture and industry, health and welfare, leisure and work. The exhibition, along with six months of debate and discussion, will focus on the importance of water as a fundamental resource for life, never losing sight, however, of the fact that it is also a limited commodity.
Davide Rampello will be the Artistic director of Aquae Venezia 2015, the same role he holds for Pavilion Zero on the main Expo site in Milan. He is also in charge of the Venice exhibit’s calendar of events.
Scientific Director is Armando Peres, current President of the Tourism Division of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris.
The heart of the exhibition includes screenings, interactive displays, and multi-sensory experiences, on issues related to the environment and climate change.
One section is also dedicated to the relationship between water and food, including fish and fishing. In addition to exhibitions and live performances of various kinds, visitors will also be able to experience at first-hand the food that comes from water, with dishes prepared by international cooking schools.

The main partners in the organization of the conference program include the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, who will be responsible for the "Planet Life" series of conferences addressing the relationship between water and well-being, Representatives of UNESCO’s World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), which will organize the "World Water Report" conference, while eAmbiente will mastermind the "Water Planet" exhibits and conferences, on water and the environment.
The area outside the pavilion will be the setting of the theme park centered on the figure of the young Leonardo da Vinci. Providing a fun approach to science, this interactive space is designed to appeal to children and adults alike.
A new multipurpose pavilion on the landside to Venice

Aquae Venezia 2015 takes place in the Marghera area of Venice, and will be hosted in the multi-purpose pavilion that has been constructed by Condotte Immobiliare. The building was designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, who was also responsible for Pavilion Zero on the main Expo site in Milan.
The exhibition pavilion consists of 14,000 square meters of display space, and consists of a single area supported by four pillars, 32 meters apart, with an overall height exceeding 20 meters. The total area occupied by Aquae Venezia 2015 covers 50,000 square meters and boasts views of the water with 1,000 parking spaces, some under cover.
The property is adjacent to the Science and Technology Park of Venice VEGA, the VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology, and forms part of the redevelopment of Porto Marghera that, in the past, was one of Europe’s main industrial centers.
The interiors were designed by the GrisDainese architectural practice, under the artistic direction of Davide Rampello.

The exhibition

The Aquae Venezia 2015 exhibition, which runs alongside Expo Milano 2015, will be complemented by shorter, temporary events on cultural, scientific, and commercial topics.
These consist of exhibitions, experiential activities and conferences, B2B business areas, workshops and “match-making” events, where many aspects of the theme of water will be addressed: from the environment and work, to industry and agriculture, via health, wellness and leisure.
Among the major events on the complementary program is “Acqua e Vita (Water and Life), which is organized by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi under the scientific coordination of Chiara Tonelli, and consists of three conferences on health and welfare. Another is “Pianeta Acqua”, (Planet Water). Organized by eAmbiente, and coordinated by Gabriella Chiellino, this comprises three events related to reclamation systems, irrigation, combating desertification and recovery of polluted areas, geared towards both business and consumers.
Other major events at the Venice-Marghera exhibition site during this period include a conference related to the "World Report on Water" promoted by UNESCO, another sponsored by Federutility the Italian utilities’ trade association, as well as trade fairs. These include "Work at Sea World, an international event focused on the maritime and water-based economy, and AltaBirra - Salone della birra ad alto tasso creative”, on Italian craft beers, organized by Officina Comunicazione & Eventi.

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