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Laboratorio Expo

Laboratorio Expo Dettaglio
Laboratorio Expo is an Expo Milano 2015 project created in collaboration with the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, and curated by Salvatore Veca.
An educational project that brings together some of the most respected opinions in the world of research, Laboratorio Expo is addressed to students, the public and government bodies, and will study issues tied to the main themes of Expo Milano 2015.
Laboratorio Expo has created a network between the universities of Milan and the Lombardy region, as well as other national and international bodies, the members of which are invited to reflect on food and sustainable development.

The project also aims to bring the public closer to the Expo Milano 2015 event, via meetings and educational initiatives that explore specific topics. The goal is that of drafting a statement, some time in 2015, from the world of science with recommendations for a more sustainable future (Carta di Raccomandazioni della Scienza per Expo Milano 2015, in Italian).

Exploring further and communicating: granting space to ideas, granting space to research
The objective of Laboratorio Expo is to create a space for international colloquia, research workshops and residential Exposchool, the better to promote in-depth scientific thinking in four main subject areas:
• The violated gift: agriculture, nutrition and health for a sustainable future: an exploration of agricultural food production and the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, with special reference to adequate nutrition in terms of both quality and quantity, for good health.
We are not alone: an examination of the social and environmental aspects of sustainable environment within a multicultural and globalized society
Food culture, energy for communal living: food as a social occasion and the passing on of traditions in various cultures.
The human city: future options between “smart” and “slow” city models: urban space and the challenges and opportunities presented by “smart” and “slow” cities.

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