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Feeding Knowledge and the Best Practices

Feeding Knowledge Dettaglio
Feeding Knowledge and Best Sustainable Development Practices for Food Security. Feeding Knowledge is the Expo Milano 2015 program for cooperation in research and innovation on Food Security, developed in association with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (IAMB/CIHEAM) and Milan Polytechnic.
Feeding Knowledge is built on the idea that knowledge development and sharing provide the best routes for identifying real solutions for food security that really meet the needs of developing countries. Feeding Knowledge consists of two projects, one keyed on creating a network of experts focused on research, innovation and transfer of knowledge for food security, and the other on devising a set of Best Practices in Sustainable Development (BSDP). Thanks to its technological platform, a user-friendly e-collaboration system, its various opportunities for interaction between researchers and key figures from academia and the political world, the Feeding Knowledge project has been able to expand, offering an exchange of ideas, expertise, and research on models for sustainable development.
A network of knowledge

The scientific network created as part of the Feeding Knowledge initiative aims to be a group of experts, including scientists, researchers, and technicians who, through five priority topic areas, can discuss, share and transfer knowledge on food security at an international level, so as to help identify policies and programs that can create sustainable development.
These five themes are:
    • Sustainable management of natural resources
    • Improvement in the quantity and quality of agricultural production
    • Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
    • Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas
    • Food consumption habits: diet, environment, society, economy and health
The network now includes over 2,500 researchers, a database of over 800 articles and scientific papers and more than 3,400 organizations and institutions have registered on the online platform.

Best practices

The competition for Best Sustainable Development Practices, launched by Expo Milano 2015, looks to highlight successful projects, services, products, and scientific solutions of various kinds.
The Expo Milano 2015 Best Sustainable Development Practices will become the benchmark for sustainable development worldwide in environmental, social, production, technical, and scientific areas. Selected initiatives will be presented in Pavilion Zero at the Expo itself, and will offer a lasting legacy related to food security worldwide.
The call for entries ended on October 31, 2014. 786 proposals were submitted of which 749 were admitted to a final evaluation process. The international jury has selected the 18 winners.
The best practices that are considered the most representative for each of the five thematic areas will be presented in a video produced by Expo 2015:
The additonal 13 best practices will be featured in a series of narrative photos. Check them out on ExpoNet.
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