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Selex ES / Safe City & Main Operation Centre Partner

Finmeccanica is Italy’s main industrial group, leader in the high technology field, and ranks among the main worldwide groups operating in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors.
Innovation and Research and Development have been central to the values of Finmeccanica throughout its history and evolution,, the key to the success that has enabled the Group to become a leading player in technologyworldwide.
A key contributor to the industrial fabric and knowledge-base of our country, Finmeccanica can attract and cultivate the very bestskills; and, in this way is also able to contribute to the social and economic development of the territories inwhich it operates.
Finmeccanica develops its business with a focus on sustainability, a key driver of our strategy; every phase  of our operationsis informed by this – from the design phase, to the production and support phase, to the impact on the end user and supply chain. All our activities are planned  with a view to the impact  on the company, stakeholders, people and the environment. It is our ability to be proactive in the processes defining our new models of development that defines us as a sustainable business.
More specifically, Finmeccanica is at the forefront in the development of security solutions for citizens and critical infrastructures, the production and distribution chains and, more general, the services and information on which the modern company is based. Finmeccanica develops integrated systems that enable the supervision of extended territories and events, infrastructures and natural resources, by combining satellite technologies, electrical-optical and multi-spectral sensors, applicative technologies and means - including with remote piloting -, tracking systems and information technology.
Proud to be official global partner of Expo 2015, Finmeccanica provides the event with the very best technologies, sophisticated products and complex solutions for the safe management of the event and the protection of all its visitors and operators.
Through its company Selex ES, the Gro European leader in defence and security electronics, Finmeccanica  will provide Expo 2015 with an ideal laboratory and demonstrator for a "Safe City & Main Operation Centre" platform, an example of what the company means by "smart": making the technologies fully usable, integrating them and extending performance, to give rise to a safer, more intelligent, more liveable society.
For Expo Milano 2015, Finmeccanica/Selex ES will provide an integrated architecture e, in which a single operations centre will collect and correlate the flows of information coming from all the security systems used in the common areas and within the pavilions, including video cameras, smoke detectors, verbal communications with the public, perimeter and access to reserved areas control systems, and many other systems. All this data will be available for use in real time by the operators of the Main Operation Centre.
The Main Operation Centre operators will also have an innovative 3D cartographic satellite representation available, developed with to the contribution of e-GEOS, a company specialised in products and applications for Earth Observation and made up by ASI - Italian Space Agency (20%) and Telespazio (80%), a joint venture between Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales (33%), amongst the leading players in satellite services. This advanced graphical interface will enable a proper virtual immersion in the environment to be monitored, guaranteeing a better understanding of the scenario and, therefore, greater operative effectiveness.

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