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MSC Cruises / Official Cruise Carrier

MSC Cruises is proud to have has been appointed Official Cruise Carrier of Expo Milano 2015.
MSC Cruises, whose roots lie in Italy, has always been a family-owned company. Today, it’s the leading cruise line in the Mediterranean, Brazil and South Africa.
This has been made possible thanks to the 12 million guests who have chosen to take our cruises so far, the 16,000 people we employ in 45 countries, and the 800% growth that we have enjoyed in 10 years.
Wherever we sail, be it Northern Europe, the Atlantic, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and French Antilles, South America, South Africa, the U.A.E. or Oman, we take our Mediterranean soul with us. It has the power to turn every detail of our cruises into a unique and memorable experience.
The sea is our lifeblood; it’s where we work and where we thrive. That’s why we have always operated with the utmost respect for the environment.
We were the first company to earn the “7 Golden Pearls” from Bureau Veritas for superior environmental management and stewardship, and we are entering our sixth year of cooperation with UNICEF in assisting children worldwide through several programmes focusing on combating malnutrition.
Innovation, passion, quality: these are values that Expo Milano 2015 and MSC Cruises have in common.


At MSC Cruises we believe that life should be measured in moments, not minutes, and that every detail deserves 100% of our attention. This is what makes every journey on board our ships so special.
Our DNA is Italian but we are characterized by a complete openness to the world’s possibilities. We draw inspiration from the manifold places we visit to give our guests a memorable experience, every single day.
About Food

Food is a defining aspect of every MSC Cruises cruise; it’s about so much more than satisfying hunger. Food is about simple yet delicious tastes that bring people together. It’s the most natural way to taste the Mediterranean way of life.
Food is simply the most natural way to taste the Mediterranean way of life.
We offer a panoply of foods and wines, each painstakingly crafted to the tiniest detail, to bring a cuisine of the highest quality, Italian and international, also through partnerships with star chefs.
As Official Cruise Carrier, we will carry the values of Expo Milano 2015 to every corner of the world.
  • MSC Cruises will embrace this year’s Expo theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, with a multimedia stand showcasing its “Ships of the Future”, to be delivered from 2017, and on-board cuisine, with interactive installations and special events.
  • As Expo Authorized Ticket Reseller, our guests will be able to purchase Expo tickets on board
  • From Genoa and La Spezia, our guests will have the chance to join our specially designed excursions to Expo Milano 2015
  • As proud partners of Expo, we will feature the Expo Milano 2015 logo on the hull of one of our ships, MSC Cruises Fantasia.
We are honoured to be partnering with Expo Milano 2015 and contributing to an event that will be remembered for years to come.

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