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Intesa Sanpaolo / Banking Partner

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group will participate as Official Banking Partner at Expo Milano 2015. 
As the Official Banking Partner of Expo Milano 2015, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group will provide state-of-the-art electronic payment systems and services that use the most advanced technology - contributing also to the Smart City experience:
  • IT systems and platforms supporting transactions and services for Expo Milano 2015. The payment platform developed in collaboration with Setefi (the Group entity specialised in management of payments made with electronic money) warrants secure card payments through a reliable system that meets international standards. Merchants will be offered also an innovative Social Commerce service that helps them promote their brand and optimise their customers' shopping experience (e.g. hybrid channels with QR Codes). The most advanced SW and HW technology is used to enable the most innovative forms of virtual payment that satisfy customer preferences. The service accepts all major international cards.
  • contactless payment cards and mobile payment solutions to buy tickets, make purchases at Expo Milano 2015 and for other services connected to Milan World Expo 2015. Payment cards will allow loading of SMETs (Smart Electronic Tickets) and contactless payments in compliance with international standards. Mobile payment solutions (created together with Setefi) for both proximity and remote payments (e.g. P2P, e-commerce transactions, mobile phone top-ups) will use international mobile payment technology and meet international standards. These solutions will work in synergy with the Social Commerce brand promotion service made available to Expo Milano 2015 merchants.
  • a broad network of POS terminals that process any form of payment, including contactless payments either by cards or mobile phones via NFC technology. The point-of-sale terminals meet the latest security requirements under international standards for electronic payments.

Intesa Sanpaolo will provide Expo Milano 2015 ticketing platform in collaboration with Best Union, and sell tickets also through its branch network as well as other direct channels.

Intesa Sanpaolo will be present at Expo Milano 2015 with a network of state-of-the-art ATMs and an innovative concept branch featuring high-tech solutions designed to make life easier for customers. As the Official Global Banking Partner of Expo Milano 2015 Intesa Sanpaolo will also provide financial services to:
  • the staff of participating countries and businesses: e.g. bank account services with special terms and conditions for both residents and non-residents, multifunction payment cards (e.g. payroll cards), advanced payment services (e.g. via mobile devices) and money transfers.
  • participating countries' trade exhibitors: transaction processing for exhibitors who sell their products at Expo Milano 2015, e.g. bank account services to handle payments in and out of their account including via Intesa Sanpaolo remote banking platform for businesses.
  • NGOs: services developed together with Banca Prossima, the Group's bank specialised in providing support to not-for- profit organisations.

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