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illycaffè / Official Coffee Partner

illy is the official partner of Expo  Milano 2015 and is in charge of the Coffee Cluster, the large pavilion at the universal exposition in Milan entirely devoted to coffee. It is to be entitled "From the earth to the cup".

The company has been chosen to carry out this task thanks to its excellence in the world of coffee and as the greatest expert in the industry. The project originated from its knowledge, experience and relationships gained over eighty years of history: a unique heritage that has led illy to be recognized worldwide as the authority of the real Italian espresso. Its pursuit of excellence, its passion, innovation and leaning towards sustainable development, are the driving forces behind the initiative.
The Coffee Cluster will be entirely dedicated to the black beverage and to the countries producing the precious beans. It will host the greatest celebration of coffee ever. Created in conjunction with the International Coffee Organization (ICO), it aims to bring together production and consumption.
It will recount the past, present and future of coffee in its three dimensions:
  • the product and its journey from the bean to the cup;
  • the creativity, art and culture that develop around the cup of coffee;
  • the stories and traditions of the producing and the consuming countries.
It will embody the key themes identified by the ICO Promotion Committee:
  • coffee and pleasure (sensorial, intellectual and social);
  • coffee and health (the virtues of the beverage);
  • coffee and sustainability (economic, social and environmental).
The fact that Expo Milano 2015 and, therefore, the Coffee Cluster, are to be held in Italy, the mother of all coffee-consuming countries, which has managed to spread its preparation techniques and its culture worldwide, is of powerful symbolic value.
A hands-on journey through exhibition areas and a full calendar of events will offer visitors the chance to learn about the history, the traditions and the science of coffee and be fascinated by the profound wealth of knowledge characterizing it. Find more in, to live the Cluster experience in a 3D-model, discovering the whole world of coffee culture.

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