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Fiera Milano / Official Partner for Operations

Fiera Milano - leader in bringing companies together to do business.


Founded in 1920, Fiera Milano is approaching its centennial: witness to the economic history of the twentieth century with its extraordinary heritage of experience and relations.

Fiera Milano has a mission: help companies communicate in the most effective way with the market to seize the best growth opportunities in Italy and around the world.

In a word: support development.

Fiera Milano has always dedicated full attention to environmental sustainability, implementing measures to minimize the impact of its activities and constantly monitor their effectiveness. It regularly updates the system for watching over and protecting the environment in the field of energy, water resources, and environmental products.
In its daily operations, the commitment of Fiera Milano to environmental protection also translates into:

  • differentiated collection, transport and processing of scrap and wastes;
  • organization of logistics; monitoring of traffic and parking facilities, and management of critical issues in collaboration with law enforcement agencies;
  • structures and routes for people with disabilities.

For Fiera Milano, being an Expo Milano 2015 operations partner means being able to make all its experience available to helping those who want to enjoy and help others enjoy Expo Milano 2015, ensuring it will be a truly unique experience.


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