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Eutelsat / Official Partner Satellite

Expo Milano 2015 globally live with Eutelsat satellites

Eutelsat will launch a dedicated satellite video channel at its popular HOT BIRD neighbourhood through the 13 degrees East HOT BIRD, that will broadcast news, features, country highlights and key events to 140 million homes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. And more, an innovative technology platform set up together with other partners based on 34 satellites with global coverage to enable high-quality links between the stands and the rest of the world and vice versa.

Concentrating expertise and innovation in a bid addressed to participating countries and media providers around the world is how Eutelsat will bring its presence to Expo Milano 2015 to support the broadcasting and data, video and various contents reception during six months of 2015. With his experience in covering big events - including the Sochi Olympics and the canonization of the two Popes - Eutelsat will make Expo Milano 2015 a huge success worldwide.

The objective is to contribute to make planetary and interactive the first Universal Exposition in the social network and global communication era. “Our commitment – says Michel De Rosen - is to play our part in taking this message beyond Milan so that the themes of this universal exhibition can touch more citizens than ever before.”

In addition, the Eutelsat satellite resources are at the forefront to feed the Cyber Expo, opening their doors to virtual paths that enable the participation with a direct and immersive involvement to those who can't go to Milan. "In this way - says Renato Farina, CEO of Eutelsat Italia – we expect to reach one million of participants."
Eutelsat, Expo Milano 2015 Partner

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