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Enel / Smart Energy & Lighting Solutions Partner

Enel is one of most important electricity and gas operators in Europe and Latin America, and is also the number one electricity business in Italy and number two in Europe for installed capacity.
Enel will bring to Expo Milano 2015 a Smart Grid for power distribution, built with the most modern technologies available today, an Energy Management System to realize, in the Pavilions, load control, energy flow optimization, integration of renewable energy plants and storages, if present, and lighting management.
Thanks to Enel, visitors to Expo Milano 2015 will see how smart grids could turn electricity from a simple commodity into a value added service. They will see in real time how each energy source integrates and works together at the Expo Milano 2015, what mix will power the event and what are the loads that can be suitably programmed and adjusted to optimize the efficiency of the system. They will also be given the chance to see a smart city control centre in operation, alongside technicians who will show them how the system works.
The Smart Grid will be equipped with a remote advanced control system, managing 100 electrical substations interconnected with a medium voltage grid, that will be exercised with systems with high reliability and efficiency, charging infrastructure for electric cars built within the smart grid, lighting common areas with smart led.
In the showroom designed by Enel, connected with three electric grid control posts and an e-mobility control area, visitors will understand how energy flows move within the Smart Grid Expo Milano 2015. They will be involved in order to understand the complexity of energy flows and the possibilities that arise from the interaction between customers and the energy market, in order to figure out how to consume the available energy in the best possible way, and in order to become aware about their consumption profile and economic advantages.
Smart grids can be used in a number of different areas. Making networks smart means making them capable of receiving and distributing intermittent and unpredictable renewable energy. This makes storage systems crucial, as they enable a network that holds onto produced energy and distributes it when necessary.
Another important factor regarding smart grids is the information given by them on what, how much and how customers use energy. This makes remote management, in which Enel is a global leader, extremely important. In 2001 the business installed the world’s first electronic meter, which is now being adopted in countries around the world.
Enel’s innovation in changing the relationship between consumers and energy has brought about a range of projects, with one of the most important being Energy@home , which enables consumers to manage, optimise and rationalise consumption through control of smart household electrical appliances. The business also created Enel Smart Info , a smart device that puts consumption information at customers’ fingertips and enables them to optimise their electricity consumption, as well as encourage them to behave in a more efficient and sustainable manner.
Enel is a leader in Europe thanks to projects like GRID4EU , which sees a consortium of 27 partners from 12 countries working to create large-scale, advanced smart grid solutions for the continent and has Enel Distribuzione as its technical coordinator.
Smart Grid development also involves e-mobility, and Enel is in the process of realising a network of smart and innovative electric vehicle charging stations. The public Pole Station and private Box Station are personalised for the needs of the customer, making charging easy, accessible and safe. Enel’s involvement in the European Union’s Green eMotion and GridforVehicles (G4V) initiatives is testament to the business’ high profile on the continent.
Even street lighting can be managed in a more efficient and effective way through smart grids, as they offer local authorities the chance to change lighting levels depending on the volume of traffic or footfall. Enel first launched Archilede and then Archilede High Performance, a cutting-edge street lighting solution that enables an up to 80 percent reduction in both energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

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