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CDP-FSI-SACE / Official Partner for Italy’s International Growth

Expo Milano 2015 is a unique opportunity for our country to attract investors and consumers from around the world and boost economic growth. For six months, our economy, manufacturing base and companies will be in the global spotlight. We will all be working hard to present the best of Italy to the world.

The mission of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group is helping the Italian economy grow by strengthening the competitiveness of businesses, exports, international positioning, tourism, and infrastructure. As one of the Official Partners for Italy's International Growth, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) and its subsidiaries, Fondo Strategico Italiano (FSI) and SACE, support Expo Milano 2015, putting their reputation, resources, commitment and professional expertise to use in contributing to the success of this major event and showing the international audience the great opportunities Italy offers.

CDP is a crucial hub for foreign investments in Italy: part of its core mission is to financially support the international growth of Italian businesses, also by channeling global capital flows to the country’s manufacturing sector. Furthermore, it finances the development of local communities, large and small businesses, energy networks, and small- and large-scale infrastructure projects allowing Italy to move and communicate faster.

Fondo Strategico Italiano invests risk capital and attracts foreign investments in corporations with plans to increase in size, improve efficiency and strengthen their competitive position in Italy and abroad. Expo’s theme concerns a strategic sector for FSI, which recently finalized an investment in a food company. The sector has some relevant impacts on the Italian GDP and on direct and indirect employment levels. It also generates potential synergies with other strategic sectors for FSI, such as tourism and management of the cultural and artistic heritage.

SACE is the specialist to turn to for Italian companies that export and invest abroad. Through a wide range of insurance and financial products, SACE supports the international growth of Italian businesses, enabling the “Made in Italy” brand to expand beyond the country’s borders and throughout the world. With more than 70 billion euros worth of transactions insured in 189 countries, SACE is the preferred partner for all Italian companies intending to transform their participation in Expo Milano 2015 into an opportunity to grow their business and international footprint.

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