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CAME / Official Partner for Automation, Management and Access Control of Visitors

Being an Official Partner of Expo Milano 2015 is a source of particular pride for Came because the Universal Exposition represents a showcase of excellence for an integrated access automation, management and control system that will become a model for the Digital Smart City and will be replicable in the urban infrastructure of the cities of the future.

Came is taking part in the Universal Exposition as a representative of a successful Italy, one that offers products and solutions that are Made in Italy and that meet the highest recognized and certified standards of quality.

It is also enthusiastic and proud to be able to measure itself against, and have the chance of collaborating with, a network of partner companies representing internationally recognized excellence in order to offer visitors global, integrated technology ensuring the highest level of control and security in pavilions and in all the other infrastructure of the Expo Site.

The place is Milan and date is 2015: Came looks forward to welcoming 20 million visitors into the vanguard at an event that will represent the quintessential venue for visions of the future to take concrete form.

Came Technology in the service of Expo Milano 2015

Within the context of Expo Milano 2015, Came will be responsible for access management and control services with an innovative control system for the surveillance, control and regulation of automation devices for pedestrian and vehicle accesses, parking areas, pavilions and other infrastructure on the Expo Site.

The system is capable of managing the access of over 20 million people, including visitors and workers, with a daily average of over 140,000 entries and peaks of 250,000. Perimeter access points are controlled by 250 automatic turnstiles, of which forty are specially designed to handle entry by differently-abled visitors.

Came manages the integration with vehicle gates by means of a technological platform that includes automation for sliding gates, road barriers and 80 automatic barriers to control perimeter vehicle access.

It is a bona fide smart control system that relies on the most innovative available technology solutions and integrates, thanks to its automation approach, with the automation and ticketing service system and the platform of the Main Operation Centre (MOC), the centralized Expo Milano 2015 control system.

Flexibility is another particular characteristic of the system: visitor management is centralized and constantly monitored, facilitating organized access management according to specific parameters of entry and presence in given areas.

Came products are characterized by the most advanced technology, integrated with on-board computers, and provide advanced interfaces; they interface with various types of access credentials, from RFID identification to QR codes, NFC systems for mobile devices and contactless credit card systems.

Innovations derive from integration with the principal technology partners of Expo Milano 2015 and precisely for this reason will constitute one of the distinctive elements of the Universal Exposition.

The system can also be controlled remotely via 100 palm-top devices. It will also be possible to control these devices at all times and in real time thanks to the Came synoptic control system. The offer is complemented with a technical support service available around the clock, 7 days a week, ensuring the security and efficacy throughout the entire period of Expo Milano 2015.

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