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Birra Moretti and Partesa / Official Partner


In 1859, the thirty-seven year old Luigi Moretti founded his "Beer and Ice Factory" in Udine and with great entrepreneurial foresight changed the direction of the family business which, up to that point, had been devoted to the wholesale trade of beverages and food.
The first bottle of Birra Moretti arrived on the market in 1860, in time for a toast to the unification of Italy. Birra Moretti has made great progress: in over 150 years of history it has attracted new aficionados and admirers in Italy and, step by step, it has also crossed national boundaries: today it is exported to over 40 countries (including the United States, Britain, Canada and Japan) and its production now exceeds 2 million hectoliters per year.
Birra Moretti today has a range of seven products: the classic Birra Moretti (lager), Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro (pure malt), Birra Moretti Grand Cru (re-fermented in the bottle dedicated to high-end food service), Birra Moretti Doppio Malto (high fermentation), Birra Moretti La Rossa (bock), Birra Moretti Zero (non-alcoholic) and a new item for 2014: Birra Moretti Radler, a drink with a round taste and a strong refreshing power in which beer (45%) joins the fresh, genuine and sincere taste of 100% Italian lemons grown in Sicily.
The partnership with Milan Expo 2015 represents the recognition of investments made by the HEINEKEN Group from 1974 to today in productive, commercial and distributive activities, but it is mainly a consequence of socially responsible and sustainable behavior. This partnership also rewards the choice to expand the Birra Moretti brand, which has benefited from its integration into the first European brewers group and has doubled over the past ten years to become the most awarded Italian beer. The specialties of the Birra Moretti product range have won their most recent awards in May 2014 at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels.
Birra Moretti is the Italian beer par excellence, the only one that represents all of the main types of beer and all the tastes of Italians inside a single brand.
Strongly aware of its uniqueness and its important role, in 2007 Birra Moretti decided to invest in the development of an educational and cultural path with a strongly Italian style, aimed at promoting the consumption of beer during meals, paired with dishes or as an ingredient. With this approach, Birra Moretti promotes the idea among Italian consumers, operators and opinion leaders of moderate, responsible drinking, correct in nutritional terms, consistent with taste and the Italian culinary tradition.
An approach that puts the country's food culture and the excellence of "Made in Italy" in the center of a path toward the knowledge of beer to be understood as a food item and studied and treated with attention, like other food products; a model which today contributes to making this beer one of the flags of Italian style at home and in the more-than-forty countries where it is exported.

The presence of Birra Moretti at the Milan Expo 2015, as the Official Beer Partner, will be under the banner of appreciation of the Italian food culture and the promotion of our young chefs abroad. There are very strong points of contact and sharing of fundamental values that characterize the partnership and that have been an integral part of the DNA of Birra Moretti since 1859: Italianness, and "sustainable" genuineness and quality.
With this mission, Birra Moretti will develop education and training activities consistent with the Beer culture project of which it is a pioneer and promoter in Italy.
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Partesa, the distribution network specialised in sale, distribution, advisory and training services for the Ho.Re.Ca channel of the HEINEKEN Italia Group, will be taking part in Expo Milano 2015 in the capacity of Official Beverage Distributor.
With 25 years of experience and 40,000 customers, Partesa boasts an extensive portfolio of products (consisting of 10,000 references), diversified by type of point of sale, customised services, consulting, training and logistic solidity. The activity is focused on the high value categories, the choice of the best partners and the creation of loyalty in the consumption points, making it a leading player in the beverage distribution sector in Italy.
The company is a nationwide activity, with 46 depots and a fleet of 500 vehicles capable of delivering 20 million parcels a year. The workforce currently consists of 1,000 employees, resources dedicated not only to the commercial and marketing network, but also to advisory services and training.
Capable of innovating to comply with market demands, Partesa is structured to offer an innovative commercial policy as a reliable business partner for its customers, with whom it shares common aims and strategies.

The merchandising categories distributed by Partesa:
Soft drinks – juices
The partnership with Expo Milano 2015 represents the acknowledgement of the extensive investments by the HEINEKEN Group from 1974 and by Partesa from 1989 - in manufacturing, commercial and distribution activities, but particularly as the consequence of socially responsible and sustainable behaviour.
In the capacity of Official Beverage Distributor of Expo Milano 2015, Partesa has developed a high performance and flexible tailor made system. A sustainable distribution model conceived to “quench the thirst” of visitors to the Universal Expo.
This will be possible thanks to:
  • an indoor warehouse measuring 2,200 m2 – dedicated entirely -  situated 33 km from the venue of Expo Milano 2015 and reserved for the storage, preparation of deliveries and loading;
  • 40 reserved vehicles which, in normal traffic conditions,  could travel the distance between the warehouse and the venue of Expo Milano 2015 in an estimated average time of 30 minutes
  • a dedicated portfolio of over 4,800 products
  • a technological platform capable of interfacing – in complete safety – with every type of device. Through this platform, all the refreshment points can easily register, prepare orders, following the  tracking of the delivery of goods and the state of payments.
  • one of the most advanced green models in the sector.
  • a highly qualified work team dedicated to the back office activity, to logistics and to the installation and maintenance of the systems at the refreshment points
Partesa is the distribution network specialised in sale, distribution, advisory and training services for the Ho.Re.Ca channel.

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