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Algida / Official Ice Cream Partner

Algida is Official Ice Cream Partner
Naturally linked to moments of joy and spontaneity thanks to its strong ties with the summer, the brand Algida has had a special place in the hearts of Italians since 1945 as it represents the industrial ice cream in Italy. It has captured the consumers’ imagination from generation to generation and today it is a symbol of quality and innovation.
Unilever, which owns the brand Algida, is one of the leading global companies in the consumer goods sector, rooted in over 190 Countries. Its brands are used by more than two billion people every day. Its portfolio includes some of the best known and most cherished brands in the world, and it is the global leader in many of the categories in which it operates.
Unilever operates globally in the Food sector and in the Home and Personal Care sector and its presence is rooted in local cultures and markets around the world thanks to a portfolio of famous brands in each Country. It is the leading producer of ice cream, with brands such as Algida in Italy, Wall’s in Europe, and Ben & Jerry’s. It is the world leader in tea filters, thanks to the brands Lipton and PG Tips.
In the world market of Food, Unilever is one of the market leaders in the “culinary” sector (helping products in the kitchen). Knorr is its most significant brand. With over € 2 billion in revenues, it can be found in more than 100 countries. It operates in the food-away-from-home sector with a dedicated unit, Foodsolutions.
Unilever leads the Home and Personal Care market both with cleaning and personal hygiene products. Some examples: Cif, Coccolino, Domestos, Lysoform, Svelto, for home care and Axe, Dove, Badedas, Fissan, Mentadent, Rexona and Sunsilk, TiGi for personal care.
Unilever works to create a better future every day, encouraging consumers to do a little everyday, which, taken together, can make a big difference to the world. Through its brands and products, it helps people feel good, look good and get more out of life. By 2020 Unilever aims to double its revenues while halving the environmental impact and sourcing 100% of its raw materials sustainably. Unilever has led the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes for fourteen consecutive years.
Algida and Expo Milano 2015

Algida will celebrate its 70th Anniversary at Milan Expo 2015: an important milestone for a brand that has been a summer companion for millions of Italians since 1945. Algida is the protagonist of the Unilever Sustainability Plan, which is very close to the values of Expo. The certification program of its cocoa by Rainforest Alliance, the Green Express agreement with Trenitalia for rail transport, and finally the Nutrition Enhancement Programme are some examples.
At Expo, Algida aims to engage visitors with an all-round experience, illustrating its production processes, the sustainable commitment of the brand, and the food and nutrition factors related to the Italians’ most cherished ice cream. The center of its presence will be the town square, a symbolic venue of Italian social life, which can be experienced in two different ways:
  • Casa Algida (Algida House): entirely devoted to this traditional Italian ice cream brand, with several corners devoted to products that have characterized the history of our Country. This will be a fun and educational journey at the same time, which will involve the consumer thoroughly.
  • A temple of pleasure dedicated to the brand Magnum, where consumers can try out My Magnum in order to create and enjoy their own Magnum, following their personal taste for a truly unique ice cream experience.
The pleasure of Algida ice cream will also be an itinerant experience thanks to the Algida Ice Bike, a service that will offer everyone a “moment of pleasure” at any point of the site.

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