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Beijing Huiyuan Food & Beverage / Fruits, Legumes and Spices Clusters Official Partner

The Huiyuan Group was founded in 1992, and 23 years later it has developed into one of China’s most comprehensive and diverse private enterprises. The Group’s primary business is fruit juice, with a comprehensive network of over 140 business entities across China. The Huiyuan brand is the No.1 leader in the Chinese consumer fruit juice business with over 60% of the market share. It has a sales network supporting over 700,000 hectares of agricultural centers for high-quality fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs, plantations and livestock. While the Huiyuan’s philosophy is consistent delivery of quality and service to the consumer, has always been to ensure a complete industrial chain from “Agriculture to Home”. The Group has over 200 world-class fruit processing, bottling, and manufacturing lines with advanced proprietary processing technology. Huiyuan has been awarded “China’s Top Brands Award”, “The First Fruit Juice Choice of Consumers”. Thus receiving praise from many business, industry, as well as government recognition and awards. Huiyuan’s fruit juice concentrate has been exported to over 30 countries and regions. The Group is continually committed to the health-related ventures, while providing more green and organic fruits and vegetables.
Why Huiyuan participates in Expo?
The Huiyuan Group, as the leading fruit juice brand and producer in China, has a special social responsibility to share the best products with global consumers and become the most trusted, internally recognized, safe and healthy brand in China. As the Milan Expo becomes the global focus point in 2015, the event will provide an international platform for showcasing new technologies, products, and concepts. Since the history of the Expo, it has played a crucial role in promoting countries, cities and businesses. The theme of Expo Milano 2015 is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and the Expo Mascot “Foody” is made of 11 fruits and vegetables. These elements of the theme and mascot are perfectly reflected in the brand and core business of Huiyuan Group. Given the international center for economy, culture, and fashion, Huiyuan believes Milan is the best platform for the Group to present its brand and products to the World. It is the best opportunity for Huiyuan to launch itself internationally and for European consumers and visitors from all over the world to understand Huiyuan.
Huiyuan has a strong brand image and ability to influence the Chinese market through social activities. Therefore, through our support and alignment of the brands, we can help the Expo and participating countries, to achieve the ultimate influence in the Chinese market. Our goal will be to demonstrate Huiyuan’s great brand ability to achieve recognition and support for its global partners and family. Huiyuan will present the brand history, culture and products. As the top brand of fruits and vegetables in China, Huiyuan has been an integral part of the relationship between fruits, vegetables and consumer health. Huiyuan wants to take the opportunity of the Expo to share its learnings and research on the benefits of fruits and vegetables, and our special products. Our theme for managing these two Clusters is “Health Cultivation, Chinese Wisdom”. We’ll share this unique health-related perspective and knowledge with all the visitors to the Clusters and ultimately impact the way they view healthy living. Huiyuan is committed to promoting the communication and development of the fruit and vegetable culture around the World. We will work closely with the participating countries in these two Clusters to explore the unique characters of the fruit/vegetables and spices from their countries. We will share the resources and be mutually beneficial to each other, in order to cooperate and work towards an integration of the fruit and legume industry.
Huiyuan will help to attract more visitors and bring economic benefits: Fruits and Vegetables are a necessity of daily life for people all ages and nationalities, understanding the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diets is essential to a healthy life. In addition, Spices are the main ingredient adding not just flavor, but many essential benefits to food and healthy living. The exhibition of fruit, vegetables and spices could attract more visitors to Milan while increasing consumption and adding value for Expo. Moreover, the exclusive use of the Mascot “Foody” in China will already communicate the health benefits and lessons brought by Foody. Huiyuan will increase the visibility of Expo Milano 2015 by implementing comprehensive and intensive promotions in China, with 184 days of exhibitions in Milan and 32 events and shows scheduled. This will directly help Chinese visitors to understand the Milan Expo better, and attract more Chinese consumers to visit Italy, while promoting cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the Milan Expo. In addition, Huiyuan’s promotional efforts will strengthen the exchange and friendship between Chinese and Italians. Huiyuan is committed to developing a platform for the harmonious interactions of international visitors, and making an impact on international relationships for the future.

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