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Fondazione Triulza

Fondazione Triulza dettaglio
The Concept

It is the active participation of individuals and communities and that all-important element of organized expression that ultimately drives major social change. This is the inspiration behind Fondazione Triulza placing people at the center of its participation in Expo Milano 2015, through its Theme Statement EXPlOding Energies to change the world. The energy is represented by man, whose involvement fuels life’s energy. As a result, Fondazione Triulza has proposed four objectives to develop the Expo 2015 Theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life:
  • To give a voice to the voiceless, recounting the real story of those who could not be present at Expo Milano 2015
  • To have, to live, and to translate experiences, contributing to the promotion of good practices on the Theme
  • To encourage a role which is aware and involved, giving the right value to civil efforts
  • To create a dialogue for building a future, interacting with Countries and International Organizations
Civil Society Organizations promote social change and have become valuable resources for the Planet and for Life.

Fondazione Triulza was established specifically to manage the Cascina Triulza - Civil Society Pavilion and is based on the initiative of organizations operating in different areas of the Civil Society, from international cooperation to social economy. To date, the Fondazione Triulza network has 60 Civil Society Organizations.

In partnership with Expo 2015 S.p.A., Fondazione Triulza coordinates the participation of all the Civil Society Organizations, both national and international, that are looking for a space and/or need to organize events within the Cascina Triulza . Participation is made possible through the "call for ideas", published by Fondazione Triulza and Expo 2015 S.p.A., reflecting the basic principles of Civil Society Organizations: inclusion, acceptance, hospitality and sustainability.
3rd International Call for Ideas to develop the Cultural Program for the Civil Society Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. Deadline: October 2015.
Fondazione Triulza

The design of the Cascina Triulza - Civil Society Pavilion 
Participation of Fondazione Triulza and the Civil Society Organizations takes place inside the Cascina Triulza , a typical old farmhouse of the Lombard agricultural system. As the only remaining structure of the Exhibition Site, it will continue as one of the physical legacies of Expo Milano 2015. Restored by Expo 2015 S.p.A. it is an example of rural Lombardy architecture and a model of agricultural production, lending it great symbolic importance, through its affinity with the Theme of Expo Milano 2015.

The Cascina is one of the largest exposition areas within the Site: an architectural complex of nearly 8,000 square meters covering over 5,000 square meters of open space. It is arranged as three buildings: the former residence, the old granary and the old barn. The former residence is the main historic building, offering multi-purpose spaces, offices and meeting rooms. The old barn, which has been enlarged, comprises the reception area, the conference room, and the dining area, and offers a large and unique exhibition and workshop space. 

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