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European Union

European Union

Growing Europe’s Future Together for a Better World
The European Union's theme at Expo is "Growing Europe's Future Together for a Better World". This theme emphasises the importance of working together to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.
The pavilion has three floors: the ground floor dedicated to the "Visitors' Experience", the first floor with a conference room and offices, and the rooftop for social events.

On the ground floor, visitors are led through a story illustrating the EU food supply chain. Two (fictional) characters: Alex, a farmer, and Sylvia, a scientific researcher, are the protagonists of the story and help engage with the public, especially young visitors, while explaining that global food security will be achieved through good cooperation between people, science and agriculture, and between geographical regions worldwide.
The story concentrates on the example of wheat and bread underlining the importance of these products in European culture and civilisation. A specific thematic tour involving the pavilions of all member states, encourages visitors to collect cards of national bread recipes that together will form a collection.

In its pavilion, the EU aims to showcase its added value as a key player on the global stage and contribute to ensuring food and nutrition security for all. Visitors should emerge with a better understanding of what the EU has achieved over the last fifty years, and what will be the main challenges and possible solutions at EU and global level, both in the short term and towards 2050.

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