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Theme "Life grows in Uruguay"
The Concept
Uruguay has much to contribute to the global discussion “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”. His commitment to equity, human development, renewable energy and smart agricultural production, shows a new concept on pursuit of happiness and growth for life. Under the slogan "Life grows in Uruguay", the Uruguayan pavilion will exhibit the features and qualities that make Uruguay a country standing out for its quality of life, its careful use of energy and for origins and quality of food.

Life grows in Uruguay

The Design of the Pavilion
Uruguay will participate for the first time with its own pavilion, designed by Uruguayan architects. Built in an area of ​​747 m2, the pavilion will exhibit an innovative design that will house various interpretative spaces that will offer visitors a multisensory experience of the country.
Its architecture has been designed in order to achieve a perfect environmental balance between green spaces and built areas. It has a spiral structure to be made ​​of entirely reusable and recyclable materials.
The pavilion offers visitors a journey of sensory immersion through its various thematic areas. The core of the didactic proposal will be the audiovisual area housed on the first floor. To get there, visitors must travel a sound ramp where they will experience different sound landscapes typical of the country, from its fields and beaches to its steak restaurants and bands of street musicians. In addition to the display areas, the pavilion will feature a gastronomic area that will offer specialties from the Uruguayan cuisine and “parrilla”. 

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