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Theme "Cultivating the Future"
The Concept
With its participation in Expo Milano 2015 Spain looks to contribute to the development of the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for life, by focusing on key aspects such as: its experience in the production and distribution of basic foodstuffs; the benefits of its dietary model, the result of a meeting of tradition and innovation; the relationship between landscape, food production and cooking in developing models for alternative tourism; its contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals. The success of the Spanish food chain can be attributed to a combination of tradition and innovation, an improvement of the distribution process, and the presence of a wide variety of landscapes, climates and ecosystems. The heterogeneity of the territory is the cornerstone of Spain’s culinary wealth.
Its habits, food and gastronomy are being exposed to creativity and innovation. The two supporting pillars of its food industry are innovative production processes and modernization of the commercial sector. Sustainable agriculture is a tool for land conservation, landscape and traditions. There are numerous examples of how this approach could allow sustainable cultivation in arid and desert areas, transforming them into lush orchards, for example.

Cultivating the Future

The Design of the Pavilion
The 2,104 square-meter pavilion, designed by the firm B720 Arquitectos, headed by Fermín Vázquez, is open, friendly and inviting. Interior and exterior spaces intermingle, with a prevalence of outdoor areas where visitors can relax by a patio of orange trees (the tree being a symbol of Iberian identity), at the beach bar and in the auditorium. The idea of coexistence between tradition and innovation is embodied by two large blocks set side by side in parallel, one composed of wooden structures and the other steel, each containing produce, exhibition spaces and themed communication materials.

Because of its transient nature, everything is inspired by the concept of temporary architecture that enhances the appeal of impermanence, using sustainable materials and prefabricated modules which can be removed at the end of the event. The unifying message of the "language of flavor" is conveyed to visitors in three successive zones - land, produce, food - through many different experiences, including QR codes and digital scenery, themed animations, cooking areas, hydroponic gardens, shops and a teaching garden. By way of refreshment, there is a tapas bar and restaurant with a separate entrance.

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