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Theme "Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet"

The Concept

The Principality of Monaco has organized its participation at Expo Milan 2015 around the themes of solidarity and sharing, to show how prosperity gained through the centuries can be used as an incentive to promote the values ​​of solidarity, environmental protection and the growth of a green economy.

The exhibition focuses on three main themes, namely: cooperation, with several examples of projects developed to help other countries to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals of the UN; governance, with support of companies that develop innovation in the food industry and the Monaco Blue Initiative, a think-tank of scientists and industrialists that safeguards protected marine areas; education, proposing stimulating and lively educational policies, such as a joint awareness campaign with the WWF, which has proclaimed the Principality of Monaco the first country "without blue fin tuna."

Its message is one of sustainability, aligned with Monaco’s culinary culture, which successfully brings together the Mediterranean charms of nearby Italy and France, and the ideas of great chefs and popular tradition.

Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet

The design of the Pavilion

The exhibition space of the Principality of Monaco, which covers a total area of 1,010 square meters, is a project by Italian architect Enrico Pollini and presents itself as a space that invites visitors in from many different access points, reflecting the opportunities of ecology, recycling and reuse.

A large number of freight containers are used as part of the architecture, to remind us of the role of exchange represented by the Principality of Monaco, and finding opportunities for creative salvage. On the wooden roof, and similar to emergency curtains, is a compound of sphagnum, a light, permeable peat moss that allows the cultivation of Mediterranean crops. There are vertical gardens and a system for collecting rainwater. The interior design, managed by the German agency Facts and Fiction, draws visitors into a free-flow tour to explore a variety of topics that raise awareness, as proposed by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Oceanographic Institute. At the end of 2015, the structure will be dismantled and sent to an aid project of the Red Cross in Burkina Faso.
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