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JooMoo 1280
“Amazing Asia” JooMoo Pavilion, designed under the spirit of “Water”, by means of artistic expression, provokes the public concern of the dilemma of natural situation - caring for the environment, cherishing the earth’s resources and struggling for a better future, which is also consistent with the theme of Expo Milano. The exhibition delivers to the public a message of the living style and latest development of Asia, including every aspect and every industry.

The design of the Pavilion

“Amazing Asia” JooMoo Pavilion aims to present the multi-cultures and varied life styles of Asian people in an oriental perspective, to illustrate the pearls of Asian wisdom by high-tech interactive devices and by combined means of culture and arts.

“Amazing Asia” JooMoo Pavilion is a unique pavilion authorized for multi-national and multi-cultural exhibition by Expo Milano. It’s located on the block of NE8 in Expo Park, designed by the same architect of the Italian national Pavilion.

“Amazing Asia” JooMoo exhibition contains plenty of sections, covering multimedia, innovative economics, creative economy, art and entertainment, cultural and performance, etc. During the 184 days of exhibition, “Amazing Asia” JooMoo Pavilion provides to the public a great number of sessions with different subjects such as music, handicrafts, art, design, press, publications, media, movies, cartoons, video games, performance agencies, stage performance, art education, advertisement, exhibition, tourism, software, and IT service, which are all the most representative ones. In addition, “Amazing Asia” JooMoo Pavilion offers exclusive themed cultural weeks and festivals, during which, the prominent artists are invited to perform.
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