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Coirporate Federalimentare cover
The Concept

The Federalimentare Corporate Pavilion is a collective space that alternates the exhibition of products and experiences. It is a place designed to be an epicenter for displaying and enhancing the image of Italian food and its brands of excellence. Federalimenteare4Expo is a project launched by Federalimentare, the Federazione Italiana dell’Industria Alimentare e delle Bevande (the Italian Federation of Food and Beverage Industries), in partnership with Fiere di Parma, in the context of EXPO 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".
The concept was conceived as a well-designed path that represents the quality of the exhibition. It is a true representation of the Italian food industry, composed of unique products and brands that represent its history. The aim is to communicate to consumers around the world and to guarantee the absolute authenticity and quality of the products, along with contributing authoritative content to the themes that Expo Milano 2015 will debate. The focus is centered on nutrition, environmental sustainability and social development, through the expertise of the organizer Fiere di Parma, in partnership with Federalimentare and CIBUS, the International Food Exhibition. The pavilion is intended to be a showcase for Italian food products of excellence, arranged along a specific path in the form of supply chains, to provide buyers and visitors, a comprehensive overview of the food that is made in Italy.
It is a grand narrative of an exposition, focused on the Italian agricultural industry, the wealth of its territories, its goods and the entrepreneurs who created, developed and innovated the products in this sector. It’s a wealth of creativity and relationships which arose from the history of businesses and territories and is reflected in the new generations of entrepreneurs and managers, who nourish the development of Italian Food throughout the world. Made in Italy lies behind the first and last names of its products. It stands for the people and their businesses that refuse to compromise on quality, raw ingredients, differentiation processes, packaging and products. Artisan processes and products have become industrialized and have guided the development of an important food machinery sector, which is also a leader in the world.

Pavilion interior concept

The project includes the involvement of thematic museums and historical archives that, by sharing their contents, provide a fascinating journey to discover the roots of Italian products within the food industry. The interior design of the exhibition area is made with organic macro architecture, which subdivides the space, creating various itineraries. The self-supporting structures create pathways and display areas organized around diverse subjects.

Pavilion outdoor concept

The pavilion is designed to be appealing and in line with the expectations of an international audience, eager to be involved with entertainment activities and consistent with the theme of Expo Milano 2015. In this perspective, CIBUS presents an outdoor program of live performances curated by Felice Limosani, the eclectic artistic director and member of the Fondazione di Venezia, who previously curated works exhibited in the Louvre, Milan’s Triennale, and the White Chapel Gallery, among other exhibition spaces. Established international artists in the discipline of graffiti art, will create site specific works to interpret the theme of food, nutrition and hospitality. Each work will make use of artistic metaphor and will aim to encourage reflection, raise awareness and represent the theme through creativity. It is a curatorial project that through contemporary visual languages and cultural entertainment focuses on man and the idea of "making" with his own hands. 
At the end of Expo Milano 2015, all of the works will be exhibited in a group exhibition of street art at CIBUS Parma in 2016.

Pavilion Architecture 

The architectural elements, designed by the architectural firm DI GREGORIO ASSOCIATI, identify the pavilion as a monolith that reflects light and plays with flashes of natural and variable colors. It is an abstraction of the factory building and its iconic image in a technically evolved form.
A lightweight multifunctional structure is attached and functions as the hosting place for events; serving as a new type of portico. A modular frame enables the presentation of cultural events and that allows for complete visibility of these events while giving an especially strong urban influence with the exhibition area. This small, neutral infrastructure enhances the physical and visual aspects of the art installations, becoming a subtle perceptual metaphor of a new "theater", whose stage is open and accessible to all visitors to Expo 2015.


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